Redington Signed Partnership with Enertech to Offer Solar Hybrid Solutions in India

Redington Signed Partnership with Enertech to Offer Solar Hybrid Solutions in India

Redington Limited announced its partnership with Enertech, a solar inverter manufacturing company, to fulfill the rising demand for solar hybrid inverters in India. This partnership will leverage Enertech’s expertise in solar solutions manufacturing and Redington’s dense distribution network across the country, to maximize sales and after-sales service of Solar Hybrid Inverters.

Redington Limited’s solar business unit, Redington Solar has also collaborated with Enertech to spread awareness of the usage of Solar Hybrid inverters amongst Solar EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and the public. Redington Solar’s Vice President and SBU Head, Mr. Pradeep Srikanthan, said, “We are pleased to partner with Enertech as the official distributor of Solar Hybrid Inverters. This collaboration will further strengthen our efforts towards solarizing India and enable Enertech to deliver its solutions with more efficiency. We, alongside Enertech, will also strive to create awareness for the utility of Solar Hybrid Inverters amongst the solar solutions system integrators and end customers to establish a trouble-free functioning of demand and supply while also offering the best-in-class after-sales service.” Redington Limited has allotted 20 Warehouses across the country for stocking and dispatching solar hybrid inverters, to enhance the nationwide adoption of solar technology.

The Solar Hybrid Inverter, which is aimed at reducing the day-to-day increasing stress on the Indian Power grid, has a lot of unique features such as remote monitoring & control, settings of the inverter can be modified via RMS tool for minor complaints, true compatibility of Lithium batteries through MODBUS handshake, zero changeover time, grid export, and battery-less feature and many more.

Enertech’s indigenous patented technology for Solar Hybrid Inverters & Solar PCS from the range of 5KVA to 300KVA has enabled the company to emerge as one the strongest manufacturers of Solar Inverters.

Enertech’s Director & CEO Kaushik Deshpande spoke on the occasion of partnering with Redington Limited, “Our partnership with Redington Solar will enable us to democratize solar power solutions in the country. This partnership will enable us to service and deliver to our customers with last-mile connectivity and technology-enabled logistics.  The PAN India sales team of Redington Ltd. will help our company improve its reach to EPCs and resellers of solar hybrid systems.” Enertech can produce deployment-ready solutions for applications in air conditioning, petrol pumps, cold storage, schools/colleges, EV charging stations, and other institutional loads.

The association of these two tech-forward businesses will augment solar technology in the enterprise business and customer marketplaces. This collaborative effort towards improvising and upscaling renewable energy technology will be considered a landmark in India’s journey toward achieving sustainable development goals and becoming exemplary for other developing nations globally.

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