“Customers Want Absolute Utility Out of Their Hard-Earned Money and That’s What We Are Here For”

“Customers Want Absolute Utility Out of Their Hard-Earned Money and That’s What We Are Here For”

The Indian technology market is growing at a great pace and there are various brands that offer top-notch tech products to meet the flourishing demand. Though Indian customers are very price-sensitive and affordability plays a vital role in their purchase decisions. In the mobile accessories market, the demand for affordable products is at all-time high. Jmax Mobile is one of the Indian brands that is delivering the products to customers on PAN India level that too at affordable price point. DT recently interacted with Ginish Maggo, CEO, Jmax Mobile to know about their product offerings, market scenario, channel partners, growth targets and a lot more. Read below the excerpts:

DT: How do you look at the fast-growing accessories/wearable/ hearable market in India? What are the key factors that are contributing to the growth of these markets? 

Ginish: India has always been a growing market, especially in the mobile phone and accessories segment. We have seen a rapid technical shift from feature phones to smartphones, then from 3G devices to 4GVolt in the last decade. In the accessories segment from wired to wireless in quick succession. We see this as an opportunity to serve better. We are a young & energetic brand carrying a strong industry reputation and experience in manufacturing / Imports and Distribution. With our own logo Jmax, we have well-extended big plans in this domain.

DT: Today customers are very much concerned about price so how do you plan to keep affordability as the prime focus for your business growth? 

Ginish: Customers want absolute utility out of their hard-earned money and that’s what we are here for. In the beginning, when we entered the Indian Market our biggest challenge was to maintain our USP with honest pricing & quality. We invested our experience & resources to develop a unique operation that gives us leverage to offer honest pricing so that our target customers can get the privilege to be JMAX users.

DT: What are your plans to leverage the growth opportunities, do you have special offers/schemes to attract customers? 

Ginish: We have recently announced “Phone Utsav '' campaign for our valued customers by joining hands with rolzone.com. We are giving a free voucher worth INR1000/- with every Jmax Mobile phone, which can be redeemed on www.rolozne.com. The industry has never seen such a thing, our channel partners and customers are super delighted with with "Phone Utsav '' campaign.

DT: Please tell about your feature phone segment. How is the demand for feature phones and which markets are you focusing on currently? 

Ginish: We are growing at a decent pace. We have been achieving our targets on frequent basics. We have a strong presence in the eastern part of the country, and we are expanding our channel network in the south and north as well. We also have plans to extend our brand overseas also.

DT: How strong is your offline/online channel presence in India? Do you have any plans to further strengthen the footprints? 

Ginish: India is a big diversified market, as a young and energetic brand, we have marked our prints strongly in the rural market through an offline channel network. Our products are also available online through flipkart & amazon. We have an exclusive tie-up with shopclues for our new smartphones.

DT: What are your revenue/sales growth targets by end of FY 2023?

Ginish: In the current financial year, we will go 2 fold in terms of sales figures both online and offline. With our upcoming accessories and smart wearables, we are expecting decent growth within FY 2023.

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