Krishify Announced Integration with e-NAM’s Platform of Platforms

Krishify Announced Integration with e-NAM’s Platform of Platforms

Krishify has integrated with the Platform of Platforms (PoPs) portal by e-NAM, National Agricultural Market.  

e-NAM is a pan-India electronic trading portal that seeks to network existing Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC) to create a unified national market for agrarian commodities for farmers, traders, and other intermediaries.  

As a service provider, Krishify will provide advisory services to farmers widening the reach beyond the 1 crore user base on its social network and consequently, catering to the needs of 14 crore farmers in India. Since Krishify is a social network, it comprises experts from the agriculture field such as agronomists and agri-scientists who proactively respond to farmers’ original posts on farming and crop protection challenges in a bid to resolve them. 

With this integration, farmers will be exposed to Krishify’s strength in relaying Agri advisory information that can go a long way in sharing relevant information about farming best practices, government schemes, financial literacy, and market insights. The platform (e-NAM) would direct users to Krishify, where they may ask the pool of professionals for assistance.

On this development, Rajesh Ranjan, CEO and Co-Founder, Krishify said, “This development brings us a step closer towards bridging the information gap for millions of farmers in India and catering to the needs of a larger audience base going beyond the Krishify app’s reach.”

The integration helps Krishify to cater and connect even a larger section of farmers all over the country and not just stay within the user base. 

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