Silly Royale Game Saw 300% Increased Retention and Session Length After Adding Voice Chat from Agora

Silly Royale Game Saw 300% Increased Retention and Session Length After Adding Voice Chat from Agora

Increased retention and session length for Super Gaming with real-time technology from Agora

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Gamers today desire more than just great game design. They want an engaging, social experience, which Silly Royale delivers. SuperGaming chose to integrate voice chat directly into the gameplay experience because relying on a third-party service like Discord would be a hassle for their mobile-only gamer audience.

The voice chat feature allows players to discuss in-game strategies, decide when to vote someone out, and talk about which game mode to play next. These interactions enable players to learn about teamwork and make crucial in-game decisions—especially in the classic social deduction modes. Other players coordinate fashion shows or birthday parties using their favorite avatars in the Silly Universe and some players even claim to have learned a new language via the voice chat.

“Our core gameplay has voice built into the interactions, which has increased session length and retention. Agora provides a seamless and high-quality voice chat experience, which is integral to the fun and interactive gameplay of Silly Royale. Applying Agora’s voice chat features has driven up our session length and player retention by 300%.” said Christelle D’cruz, Co-Founder & VP, Engineering, Super Gaming

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Using voice chat to boost retention and session time

Implementing Agora allowed SuperGaming to add in-game real-time communication, increasing interactivity between players without negatively impacting gameplay. Thanks to Agora’s network, the seamless voice chat experience delivers superior quality audio and eliminates unwanted disruptions.

Silly Royale players have accumulated more than 250 million voice minutes in the game while interacting with each other, all powered by Agora. Since adding the voice chat feature, Silly Royale’s session length and player retention is up by 300%.

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