“I Would Advise Organizations Prioritize Basic Cyber Hygiene If They Aren’t Already”

“I Would Advise Organizations Prioritize Basic Cyber Hygiene If They Aren’t Already”

In the digitally growing world, cyber security is one such aspect that no one should neglect about. Cyber criminals are very much advanced these days and a small vulnerability in the infrastructure can attract huge data loss. The lack of awareness about cybersecurity leads to data breach incidents and later people regret only. Technology is our greatest strength and it can also be the greatest weapon for threat actors. Cyber Security Awareness month promotes the significance of strengthening the security infrastructure in today’s digital world.

While speaking to DT about increasing need of boosting the security infrastructure and cyber awareness, Melissa Trace, VP of Global Government Solutions said, “Today’s hybrid work environment increases cyber risks to every organization. The cyber landscape has evolved rapidly in recent years – where not that long ago, when we were all in the office, everyone defaulted to the IT department who was solely responsible for making sure networks were protected. This was relatively easy, because they controlled all of the assets on the network – primarily workstations and some laptops.” 

She further added, “As the shift to remote work occurred as a result of COVID, more challenges resulted for security teams as employees required the ability to connect their own devices to corporate networks. Unfortunately, timely patches are often delayed as a result, as workers delay updates on their computers or forget to do them altogether. Too many of us still think of cybersecurity as only an “IT department job,” but when it comes to the safety of our organizations’ network security, cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. This mindset is truly one of the biggest challenges we are facing in cybersecurity today where cyber hygiene is concerned. As individuals, we all need to be sure our devices are updated and patched according to our company policies.” 

Key Steps for A Secure Digital Journey

People can safeguard their digital assets only by following few steps while being online. Talking about the key steps to be online secure, Melissa said, “First, I would advise organizations prioritize basic cyber hygiene if they aren’t already. This includes providing comprehensive staff training to help ensure employees truly understand that they are part of the fight to protect their organization’s assets. Second, organizations need tools that provide them with accurate inventory of all assets connected to their networks. This will help them find non-compliant devices and quarantine them immediately to ensure proper remediation can be enforced. As part of this process, organizations using these tools can continue to monitor and assess their assets, allowing for real-time, continuous visibility of all connected assets on their network. Lastly, organizations should look for tools that implement segmentation to ensure device behavior and communication paths are known. This will protect access to critical data and resources.” 

Forescout’s Commitment for Secure World 

The Forescout Continuum Platform provides 100% asset visibility, continuous compliance, network segmentation and a strong foundation for Zero Trust.   “Our technology delivers real business outcomes – and by giving real time situational awareness of all connected assets, organizations can get an accurate picture of these assets – whether they are IT, IOT, ICS, IOMT, or Cloud, as well as providing automated security policies and controls for continuous compliance of all devices across the extended enterprise,” concluded by Melissa.

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