“We All Should Think Before We Click, As We Need To Recognize & Report Phishing”

“We All Should Think Before We Click, As We Need To Recognize & Report Phishing”

Amidst the ever-increasing cyber incidents around the world, organizations are very much concerned about their goal of being digitally empowered. The data breach and damage which occurs during such cyber incidents hamper their digital transformation journey.

While speaking about the increasing significance of cyber security in the current digital era, Sonit Jain, CEO GajShield Infotech said, “Every October, the community is encouraged to learn more about cybersecurity as part of Cyber Month, an initiative that has gained international recognition. This theme strongly relates to our company's initiatives to improve cyberinfrastructure capabilities. Through this campaign, we want to draw attention to the critical steps individuals should take, such as enabling multi-factor authentication, employing strong passwords, identifying and reporting phishing, and maintaining software updates. Cyberinfrastructure is addressed comprehensively in the campaign. One part of cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity is having the correct technology and tools, but the human element is also crucial. The campaign promotes training and retaining the IT workforce as a critical part of contributing to the success of cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity. The month is committed to creating resources and communications for organizations to talk to employees and customers about staying safe online.” 

Guidelines for Safe Digital Journey 

There are various ways to stay protected online but people are unaware of it. Sonit said, “We highlight vital steps everyone should take to have a safe Cybersecurity journey. We all should think Before we click, as we need to recognize and report Phishing. If a link looks a little off, we should think before we click. The malicious link could attempt to get sensitive information or install malware on your device. We should always auto-update our software. We should not delay if we see a software update notification and should act promptly. We always recommend the usage of strong passwords. We should use passwords that are long, unique, and randomly generated. We can seek support from password managers to generate and remember different, complex passwords for each account. A password manager will encrypt passwords and secure them for you. Lastly, we should enable Multi-Factor Authentication as we need more than a strong password to safeguard our online accounts, and enabling MFA ensures that you are significantly less likely to have a cyberattack.” 

Support for Secure World 

GajShield is committed to increasing access to cyberinfrastructure resources and enhancing collaboration among researchers and cyberinfrastructure professionals. GajShield Data Security Firewall uses Contextual Intelligence Engine and Combines it with advanced reporting capabilities of GajOS: Bulwark for Enterprises to augment their traditional layer 3 (network level) security with layer 7 (application level) security solutions. “GajShield Data Security Firewalls perform Data Layer inspection with the help of a Contextual Intelligence Engine to create data context and analyze a broader range of parameters with greater in-depth data layer visibility across web traffic and SaaS applications to identify abnormal behaviours that may indicate potential cyber and data threats. Analysing these parameters, the Data Security Firewall determines the safety and legitimacy of communications & transactions and takes necessary actions to prevent data exploitation, and this capability can be helpful in mitigating the impact of zero-day attacks. GajShield Firewall leverages the Visibility – Control – Protection approach, an approach that uses important cybersecurity initiatives to protect from the latest cyber threats on a real-time basis and improves security intelligence by collecting various threat data to be future-ready,” concluded by Sonit.

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