“Adopting A Zero Trust Strategy Is No Longer An Option, It’s A New Business Imperative”

“Adopting A Zero Trust Strategy Is No Longer An Option, It’s A New Business Imperative”

In today’s world where everything is based on technology, it is quite important to evaluate the security ecosystem on regular basis. Everyone should have the complete awareness about potential threats and ways to overcome such threats. The cybercriminals continue to develop new techniques for stealing the critical information and taking controls of the devices. The Cyber Security Awareness Month promotes the need of having optimum security for all digital assets.

Significance of Cybersecurity 

October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month-long campaign that was designed to raise awareness about emerging challenges in cybersecurity and the security controls to adopt to mitigate cyber risk. “It serves as an excellent opportunity for organisations to educate everyone and remind them of the roles they play in staying secure. It also serves as a reminder to assess where organisations are in terms of cybersecurity maturity and help them move the needle forward in terms of strategy,” commented Deepa Kuppuswamy, Information Security Architect, ManageEngine. 

Deepa further added, “At ManageEngine, we have been celebrating "Hacktober," our internal cybersecurity event, with the goal of increasing security awareness and grooming cyber skills among our workforce. Going the gamification route rather than traditional security awareness training ensures that the message is received and understood by all employees across business units. Simulated security exercises, capture the flag events, and scavenger hunt games are conducted to make it a fun and engaging way to train employees on key security behaviors and policies.” 

Tips to Secure Digital Journey 

Commenting about staying secure online, Deepa said, “First and foremost is building a sustainable security culture—information security must align with business objectives, and our goal should be to help businesses grow in a secure way. We should also make sure that security does not slow down business processes. There is a definite need to nurture an organisational-wide mindset that prioritizes, values, and respects cybersecurity. The culture should promote the thought of "secure by default"; that is, the secure way should be the default way of doing things even when nobody is watching and no regulator is pushing us to do so. Having such a culture makes complying with various standard frameworks and regulations easier.” 

“Second is the Zero Trust approach to security—perimeter-based network security is dead. The hybrid world is largely perimeter-less, so wrapping protections around identity and devices is critical. Adopting a Zero Trust strategy is no longer an option; it’s a new business imperative. The benefits of the cloud for a remote or hybrid workforce are plentiful. Migration to the cloud is inevitable, and organisations need to take advantage of the robust security controls in the cloud.” 

“Finally, cyber resilience and awareness—the nature of technology is ever-changing, and security initiatives should naturally evolve alongside it. Your employees are the front-line warriors for the security of your data. The more people you have thinking about cybersecurity, the more vigilant your organisation. So, educating, empowering, and encouraging the right security behaviours is an absolute essential. Inculcate the concept that the responsibility of security belongs to everyone in the organisation,” stated Deepa. 

Cutting-edge Security Solutions 

ManageEngine understands the importance of a proactive cyberdefense strategy. Their solutions for identity and access management, security information and event management, endpoint security, network security, and data security will help organizations proactively identify threats and drastically reduce vulnerability to attacks. “There are different technologies and tools—like security information and event management, cloud access security brokers, and cloud security posture management—that help organizations establish and sustain the control they need to ensure cloud security. The security posture of an organization is only as strong as the comprehensive security strategy put in place around these tools and technologies. With these cloud security components, we aim to show how they converge and can be effectively used to avoid cloud misconfigurations, which are one of the top reasons for massive cloud leaks,” concluded by Deepa.

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