“Once A Customer Purchases Crucial Products, Then He Never Switches to Any Other Brand”

“Once A Customer Purchases Crucial Products, Then He Never Switches to Any Other Brand”

In India, the demand for storage products has significantly gone up in recent years and all market players are bringing cutting-edge products to meet this demand. Crucial by Micron is one of the leading brands in the memory product segment in India and it has cemented its position by bringing revolutionary products at competitive price point. Delhi is one of the biggest markets for IT products and Micron has a strong presence with support of some key channel partners. To dive deep into the storage market and Crucial by Micron’s growing dominance, DT exclusively interacted with Sumit Dugar, Director, K S Computech.

Gaining Strong Market Share

The Indian storage market is on the path of huge growth and this is because of the unprecedented rise in data generation as well trend among all consumers to upgrade their PCs for better computing experience. “People are more tech savvy these days and they all are looking forward to get good performance by upgrading their PCs. In addition to that, the surge in gaming across India is further pushing the market growth. Crucial by Micron is quite popular in the storage marketspace and its cutting-edge products have helped the brand to gain a leading edge upon its counterparts. We are amazed with the success of Crucial by Micron despite hyper competitive market landscape. There are numerous brands available in the market but Crucial by Micron has outperformed all other brands with the help of its consumer centric products. In the coming years, Micron will definitely be present everywhere and we are excited to be with them in this journey,” stated Sumit Dugar, Director, K S Computech. 

Leading the Way with Excellent Product Quality 

K S Computech is working in the IT distribution market since 1999 and they have worked with many storage brands so far. “But the product quality which Crucial by Micron is offering currently is paramount. Be it enterprise customers or end customers, everyone is liking Crucial RAM & SSDs. The product quality is best-in-class and customers don’t face any kind of issue with these products,” commented by Sumit. “With so much great response from customers, our expectations are very high. We will definitely achieve our set targets and Micron will have a big role in it. As product demand is increasing rapidly, and we are meeting the increased demand with Micron’s highly reliable products. Crucial’s RAM and SSDs offer exceptional speed, and performance.” 

He further added, “We are currently selling consumer and enterprise products which includes RAM and SSDs. In the year long association with Micron, we have never received any complaint regarding products. The customer retention ratio is also quite high. Once a customer purchases Crucial products, then he never switches to any other brand. Crucial by Micron is definitely leading the way with its excellent range of storage products. We want to continue our business relationship with Micron as we want best quality products in our portfolio.” 

Brilliant Support from Team Micron

We all know that Micron is a channel friendly brand and it always takes care of its partners. Commenting on the support provided from team Micron, Sumit said, “As far as marketing and inventory support is concerned, we are quite happy. Micron local team extend every possible support to us and we never face any issue regarding product information, inventory, supply chain end etc. We receive the information about newly launched products over WhatsApp and even we get connected through call in case of urgent information required. Moreover, the timely delivery of inventory is commendable. The national distributors are very supportive and they provide us all the products on time. We must say that Micron is far ahead when it comes to support the channel partners.”

Unprecedented Growth with Micron

Briefing about the growth which K S Computech has achieved with Micron, Sumit said, “Since we have started the business with Micron, we have witnessed remarkable growth. We have seen 100% business after on boarding Micron. Micron has helped us very much and its contribution to our sales is extraordinary. The excellent product quality helps in generating the good demand and ultimately it makes us grow at a rapid pace. We expect to work more aggressively in coming years and take our growth to next level. By selling Crucial by Micron products to our large customer base, we aim to become Micron’s biggest partner from Delhi.” The company has currently a turnover of 85 Crores and it deals in PCs and storage products. With the current growth trend, K S Computech is eying good revenue growth in current FY.

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