“There are incentive schemes for channel this quarter especially”

“There are incentive schemes for channel this quarter especially”

The Indian IT market has been growing swiftly and the festive season has further accelerated the growth. Consumer demand for all kind of technology products has sharply increased and the momentum is expected to continue till the end of CY2022. Tech brands are endeavouring to meet the ongoing demand with their highly advanced product line available across India.

Business establishments knows the current market landscape and trends thus creating a buzz around their products to drive sales. While speaking with DT about the market, Atul Gupta, Director, Secureye said, “Festive season is one of the most awaited time for customers as well as businesses. There are various festivals during OND quarter and among all, Diwali is the biggest festival in India. So the market sentiments will be definitely high during OND. The Indian customers do a lot of shopping during this time and it makes the market more opportunistic than ever. To attract the customers, businesses draw multiple strategies that help them drive sales. We are very exciting for the festive season and we raise our expectations quite higher as this time the market is looking good. During last few years, pandemic ruined all festivals but this time consumer sentiment is quite high. So we expect a good business in this festive season.”

Business Growth Strategy

“Festivals bring a lot of business opportunities and we are aiming to capitalize on every opportunity to scale our business. OND is a festival season and almost all brands offer lots of discounts to attract more customers, and we are also planning in the same way. We are planning to promote our business and new products through various platforms of marketing and providing big discounts and offers to our buyers. We are providing branding and promotional material as per the festive occasion to our partners. There are incentive schemes for channel this quarter especially, which includes Domestic & international Trips, Special Packages and exclusive offers,” added by Atul.

Business Tips for Channel Partners

“Today, technology advancements are helping businesses to drive more revenue. Businesses can use technology in multiple of ways to reach out to more customers and create new opportunities. Whether it is a customer or a business, all are moving to digital and it shows many positive results. So I just want to advice my partners to be more active on social media, they can promote their products and offers through these platforms. Also, they can send messages and do what’s app and email marketing to grow the sales apart from offering discounts and freebies are also the good options,” concluded by Atul.

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