“We Expect High Sales in Every Segment of The PC Hardware Industry”

“We Expect High Sales in Every Segment of The PC Hardware Industry”

Festive season is always a best time for customers across India as they all wait for this time once in a year. The year 2022 is quite better than the past few years that had very bad impact due to pandemic restriction. All the brands are very much prepared to leverage the emerging opportunities and scale up their business.

Commenting about the current market scenario, Himanshu Jain, CEO & Director, Acro Engineering Company said, “For sure, OND is always special for the industry and this is largely due to the festive season and the lucrative sales that follow, both indigenously as well as on an international scale. However, this year it’s different and would be largely propelled due to new and much awaited launches by major players like AMD, Intel and Nvidia which will drive the demand at an all-time high. We expect high sales in every segment of the PC hardware industry due to the same and we’ve already geared up to meet these demands in the best possible manner for an elated customer experience.”

Plans to Boost Business Growth

Channel partners and tech brands work hand in hand to leverage any business opportunities. Sharing his views about their marketing plan, Himanshu stated, “This is the time when technical marketing is of prime importance due to increased complexity of products and high awareness among the buyers. We would be primarily focusing on marketing that is both technically sound while creating brand and product awareness so the end customer buys the right product for their money, needs and applications. As for the channel we want to provide the best cooling and power delivery solutions to the market considering these two are of prime importance with the new launches so all our activities, online and offline, would be based around the same.”

Tips for Channel Partners

Channel partners are an integral part of Acro Engineering business and their contribution to business growth remains huge. Sharing some tips for partners to boost their business during these months, Himanshu said, “Each partner is different with a different demographic location but one thing remains constant and that is understanding their customer’s needs and pricing the right products accordingly during this festive season. You cannot sell what people don’t need in today’s time so it’s best to sell what sells but in the best possible way to drive sales and also to establish a loyal customer base since repeating customer base is the key to business growth both in terms of sales as well as promotion.”

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