Taki Launches New Staking Feature to Offer Enhanced Experience to Users

Taki Launches New Staking Feature to Offer Enhanced Experience to Users

Taki has launched its staking feature after surpassing a milestone of over 650,000 users. Built on the Solana blockchain, Taki will now enable all of its users to earn rewards by locking up some of the tokens they own for a set amount of time. Furthermore, the platform is preparing to introduce new features that will allow creators to earn exclusive sign-up benefits for boosting their earning potential.

As a significant advancement, Taki now allows its users to stake using the $TAKI token. To begin staking, users need to have the tokens in their Taki wallet. People will be able to choose how long they want to stake their tokens from a list of predefined time periods. Users can redeem the stake - both the original tokens and additional earned rewards - once the staking period is complete. Taki users will initially have one active stake per token. The platform is working on future plans to build even more rewarding staking opportunities that will be available to the most active users.

Commenting on this latest development, Sakina Arsiwala, Co-Founder of Taki said, "We are witnessing an active rise in the demand for Taki tokens in web3. In support of the growing number of content creators on the platform, we are constantly adding utility and value-driven features for participants. With this staking feature, we are working towards supporting monetisation opportunities and bringing higher value benefits for the users.”

A global token-powered social network, Taki is a platform where everyone can earn a daily income by simply posting content and chatting with others about things that interest them. As a part of its latest update, Taki will now allow users to earn a $TAKI token on every post, adding to higher daily earning levels.

Saad Rizvi, Venture Partner at SuperLayer said, "This is a very crucial update for all of us at Taki as it reflects our ultimate vision to build a creator-focused platform, where people posting content are financially rewarded without depending on advertisers. These new innovative platform features increase the value for users who are engaging with social media in a web3 environment.”

Taki social network participants will also get a unique invite link, especially made for creators to bring their audiences to Taki where everyone can earn. Creator accounts will receive higher visibility for their content by qualifying for the list of Taki’s top users on the leaderboard, including opportunities to be in the top feed.

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