GALAX Sonar 04 Gaming Headset Offers Great Sound for Extreme Gaming

GALAX Sonar 04 Gaming Headset Offers Great Sound for Extreme Gaming

Today, gaming has gained lot of attention from millennials and young generation who need good machine to perform well during gameplay. Every input and output device plays an important role during gaming sessions but having a high quality gaming headset is must. A gamer need good sound to get into the game and play like a pro. GALAX has built its portfolio with best-in-class gaming products that allow gaming enthusiasts to surpass every barrier. GALAX Sonar 4 gaming headset is its one of the best offerings as it makes the sound experience far better than other gaming headsets available in the market. Since its launch, GALAX Sonar 04 gaming headset is in huge demand due to its capabilities of delivering best sound experience.

While commenting on the success of GALAX Sonar 04 gaming headset, Dinesh Kumar, Country Manager-India, Galax said, “At Galax, we always try to bring the best product for our customers. Our Sonar series has achieved immense success and all the products under this series are designed to offer an unmatched experience to gamers. We are quite happy with the success of Sonar 4 gaming headset. Indian market is very huge and we aim to serve this big market with our highly advanced gaming products. We endeavour to reach to every corner of the country and meet the ever-growing demand for gaming products. Gaming culture is evolving very fast and our objective is to contribute to this growth trajectory. We along with our distribution partner Technology and Gadgets (TAG) will continue to meet the rising demand.”

On the other hand, Vikas Gupta, MD, Technology and Gadgets added, “We see a great demand for GALAX products in the Indian market. The quality and price offered by GALAX is unmatched and it helps us to sell effortlessly. Our sales graph continues to grow and we are planning to boost this sales with right approach. GALAX provides every possible support to us we are very thankful to them. As far as Sonar 4 gaming headset is concerned, we are witnessing good demand. GALAX Sonar 04 gaming headset is helping professional gamers by providing them best sound & listening experience.”

Extreme Comfort

GALAX Sonar 04 gaming headset has the ability to provide extreme comfort throughout the gameplay. It is equipped with high-quality leatherette earmuffs to deliver exceptional comfortability for prolong gaming session. While designing this headphone, GALAX has used polymer material for toughness and impact resistance and it is coated with black matt finish as well. The headphone is quite durable and can be your perfect companion. For best comfort, GALAX has provided adjustable headband so you can wear it in the way you want. The combination of great sound and extreme comfort is rare but GALAX has been offering this in all its products from mid-range to high.

Stylish Design with RGB

GALAX Sonar 04 is of the most stylish and unique gaming headsets in its category. Its elegant design makes it a good headset for those who want an elegantly design in affordable price range. The headset is enticing as it comes with marquee RGB lighting effects. With full RGB lighting, the headset looks extremely amazing and drives everyone’s attention. The LEDs are covered with a mesh and make the light look good. The RGB lighting is quite bright and looks astounding. Gaming enthusiasts would love to wear it and enjoy their gameplay.

For controlling the RGB and volume, GALAX has provided volume controller, RGB lighting and Mic on/off buttons. Also, the headset comes with a 3.5mm audio jack with which you can joint additional device with it. It has a long 2.2m cable which allows the gamer to play with freedom.

Best-in-class Sound

The SONAR-04 headset supports 7.1 Virtual Surround sound and 20Hz to 20,000 Hz audio frequency range, allowing you to experience high quality dynamic audio with absolute clarity. If the user wants to make some adjustments to sound, then it can be done easily. The sound settings can be adjusted with the Xtreme Tuner Plus software from GALAX. The audio quality remains staggering and flawless during long usage. GALAX has done a great job in the headset and provides an exceptional experience to customers. The highs and lows always remain clear and base comes stronger which makes it an ideal gaming headset. These qualities have helped this gaming headset gain high demand among professional as well as regular gaming enthusiasts. The Sonar 4 also comes with an omnidirectional mic with a led at the end and an adjustable arm. The headphone offers a premium feel to users whether it is about sound or design.


  • Extremely durable and premium material
  • Extreme comfortability
  • Bright RGB lighting.
  • Premium sound quality
  • Comfortable for long wear.
  • Adjustable headband
  • Omnidirectional mic

GALAX SONAR-04 headset has achieved amazing success in the market and one of the core behind this success is its capability of delivering exceptional sound quality. There are numerous brands in the market offering stylish headsets at competitive price but Sonar 04 headset is quite unique. It doesn’t lag behind any other gaming headset and gives tough competition. Gaming becomes very easy while using Sonar 4.

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