GajShield Infotech Organized Channel Partner Meet in Guwahati

GajShield Infotech Organized Channel Partner Meet in Guwahati

GajShield Infotech has evolved into one of the most renowned brands in the firewall industry by adeptly fulfilling the data security requirements of all its clients. GajShield has consistently been at the vanguard of ground-breaking network and data security solutions, aiding businesses in implementing a Data First security architecture. It recently organised a majestic channel partner meet in Guwahati on 24th August 2022.

GajShield's products offer deep threat intelligence and security know-how and have been instrumental in protecting enterprises, vital government infrastructure, and other clients. They have an all-inclusive product portfolio ranging from security, data solutions and services to combat sophisticated security threats effectively. In the post-covid era, GajShield Infotech is dedicated to supporting its channel partners in delivering intelligence-led security services that enable end-users and businesses to comprehend, track, deal and contain cyber threats. It is committed to the digital evolution and transformation of the security technology market.

GajShield assesses the growth of its channel partners at periodic intervals to ensure steady advancement and value delivery. GajShield organises frequent partner meets to evaluate whether the program continues to aid both partners and vendors. These meets are utilised to debate how they can grow to the next level and accomplish the broader goals of GajShield

GajShield's partner meet at Guwahati seeks to familiarise their regional partners with the wide-ranging products and solutions currently offered by GajShield. The partner meet aims to empower the regional channel partners and support them on their journey to become security experts. Guwahati's channel meet desired to keep the partners technologically abreast with the modern-day complex cybersecurity domain. It highlighted the pressing need for adaptable security solutions to combat cyberattacks that continue to exploit vulnerabilities targeting individuals, communities, and the government. Such channel meets improve partner productivity and widens prospects.

Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield Infotech, said, "Our channel partner meeting in Guwahati was a grand success, and we received an amazing response from all our regional partners. Our partner ecosystem is a symbol of GajShield's dedication to success, and we recognise the importance of our regional partners in providing the best customer experience in the security industry. Our flexible partner program allows channel partners to grow their businesses by proposing an easy-to-demonstrate, sell, and manage solution strategy. We will continue to raise awareness about the need for network security solutions through these regional channel meets."

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