“The Programme Has Supported Small And Medium Businesses Throughout”

“The Programme Has Supported Small And Medium Businesses Throughout”

The Make in India programme has brought influx of investment which ultimately helped India’s manufacturing sector achieve much required boost. Also, the programme further strengthened the overall ecosystem and helped the customers in getting best quality products which are made in India. This great initiative by Indian government has successfully completed 7 years now.

Commenting on the overall impact of this initiative on India’s manufacturing industry, Mandeep Arora, MD & CO- Founder, UBON said, “As a homegrown company, UBON always supported the government over any step toward promoting indigenous goods. After 7 years of the Make in India programme, we can see a huge difference in the market. More startups around us are also a result of this programme. India this year got its 100 Unicorns, which not only motivates new talent but also contributes to making the Indian economy better. These technical advancements and accessibility also helped our cottage and handloom industry to grow with time. The programme has supported small and medium businesses throughout.”

UBON’s Focus on Make in India

“UBON is an Indian company specializing in gadget accessories and consumer electronics. We have 2 manufacturing units and we are generating employment through it. We are contributing toward this programme by providing employment as well as a better environment to work and preparing a skilled workforce. In order to make this initiative successful, UBON emphasized the manufacturing of products with skilled labour in India,” commented by Mandeep.

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