“We Have Already Aligned Our Vision in Line with The ‘Make In India’ Campaign”

“We Have Already Aligned Our Vision in Line with The ‘Make In India’ Campaign”

India’s manufacturing sector has witnessed a much required boom thanks to the government’s Make in India programme. Commenting on the success of this programme, Arnav Kishore, Founder & CEO, Fire-Boltt said, “With the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the local manufacturing sector has received an enormous boom with many companies rerouting their manufacturing base via ingeniously sourcing raw materials & the technology to craft products. The move has helped us to also emphasize our local manufacturing which led to the establishment of our assembly unit this year. It is in line with our overall vision to maximize native opportunities. In the coming months, we are looking to localise 60-70% of our product line.

He further added, “Owing to the global supply chain issues induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, local manufacturing has become paramount more than ever before. Strengthening local manufacturing/ assembling of products would help curtail these issues while leaving a positive impact on our overall business revenue cycle. This initiative will also play a key role in setting the foundation for a long-lasting relationship that we will share with the communities around our plant and across the country. Not only this, the local manufacturing also helps the brands in offering products at a lesser cost as compared to the ones being imported from other countries.”

Fire-Boltt’s Support for Make in India

“With more than 40% of raw materials and manpower to be sourced locally through our manufacturing facility, we have already aligned our vision in line with the national initiative of ‘Make in India’ campaign. It is going to increase with time,” commented Arnav.

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