Check Out These Top Five Blockchain-based Social Media Platforms

Check Out These Top Five Blockchain-based Social Media Platforms

The internet's transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is happening right now, and it's making history by carving out a place for itself across many industries and altering the economic structures of several enterprises.

 Blockchain-based innovations are also being seen in social media platforms, which are assisting them in interacting with users and making an impact. With Web 3.0's emergence, users will have access to significantly more advanced capabilities than those seen in Web 2.0. Blockchain technology is also well known for its defence against data fraud, ill-informed algorithm tweaks, and unnecessary content filtering.

The present trend makes it clear that decentralised platforms backed by blockchain and bitcoin are the way social media will operate in the future. Additionally, the Web3.0 mandate has demonstrated that it has some unique characteristics that are being used to appropriately reward content providers, reward users for participation, and increase transparency.

Here is the list of five platforms based on blockchain technology to watch out for:

  • Taki:  Taki, a global token-powered social network that launched in India and globally, is a unique engagement platform for creators, users, and crypto enthusiasts. On Taki creators can earn rewards for posting their content and users can earn rewards by engaging with other users on the platform. Taki aims to engage its users through social gamified methods where they can earn more rewards in the form of $TAKI, a crypto token, by creating content and by commenting and liking posts. Taki is a new-generation social media network that rewards users who spend their time on the internet for social engagement.

Taki also allows users to create their own user coins to build their economy on the Taki platform. Taki facilitates more ownership and engagement with creators compared to other social networking platforms as there is an economic value attached to even basic actions on the platform such as liking a post, making a comment, or publishing content in general.

  • Chingari App: Chingari is a video-sharing mobile app. In these videos, users have options to add visual effects, lip-sync, dance, or voice-over movie scenes and comic dialogues. Users can earn money by uploading videos on the Chingari app. Chingari pays users based on the popularity of their uploaded content. Users get to earn points or a $GARI token based on the views their videos attract. Each view earns the user a point. These points can later be exchanged for money.
  • Steemit: Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website. Users can gain a cryptocurrency, STEEM, for publishing and curating content. It serves a community of users with an automated set of news and commentaries based on their choice.
  • SoMee social: SoMee is a social media platform like Facebook but it has a cryptocurrency wallet that can send, receive, hold and exchange any cryptocurrency. Furthermore, people can earn money on SoMee Social by posting, getting likes, sharing and liking posts.
  • Mediachain: Mediachain uses blockchain to automatically connect music to its originator and provide background information about the music. The independent, decentralized music library automatically gives a listener information about the creator, producer and lyrics to provide a more transparent listening experience

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