Dell Honored IT Innovators of Indian Small Business Sector

Dell Honored IT Innovators of Indian Small Business Sector

Dell Technologies launched the Challengers campaign last year to honor companies that have reimagined their growth story through a digital lens. The campaign's goal was to recognize the agility and innovation displayed by small businesses in India over the last few years. This year-long campaign, powered by Intel, will culminate at The Challengers Awards, which will felicitate IT innovators among Small Businesses who #StopAtNothing.

Commenting on digital adoption in India, Swati Mishra, Director and GM Small Businesses Dell Technologies India, notes, “In the past few years, India's small business landscape has undergone a significant transformation, and it's amazing to see how they've embraced technology widely to ensure business continuity. Before COVID, only 29% of SMEs adopted new technology; today, that percentage is 40%. Even though the difficulties these companies face are distinctive, Dell Technologies is dedicated to supporting them by facilitating their journey toward digital transformation”. 

On the #StopAtNothing attitude of small businesses, Binoy Prabhakar, Editor, Moneycontrol said these businesses have limited resources, which means the entrepreneurs wear many hats. “How they have adapted to change by using technology to their advantage should be celebrated,” he said. 

India's vibrant landscape of micro, small and medium businesses contribute approximately 30% of the Indian GDP. The journey to support the digitization of this boundless sector has taken the first step in the form of The Challengers campaign. For over a year, Moneycontrol and Dell Technologies curated resources enabling businesses' technological advancement. Credible information regarding pertinent issues that affect small businesses is made available on the microsite, including cybersecurity, strategies to recover from the pandemic, dealing with changing customer expectations, and how technology can help navigate away from such upheavals.  The campaign chose webinars as a medium to listen to what entrepreneurs had to say. The same efforts brought together experts who could guide stakeholders and share information MSME can benefit from.  From the many stories of resilience, Moneycontrol is proud to showcase stories of success that inspire. 

Resilience and ability to transform using digital prowess are worth awarding. The Challengers campaign kept nominations open during the length of the campaign. Six nominee categories saw over one hundred small businesses qualify for an extensive evaluation. Independent curation by our process partners declared the winners at a grand awards ceremony in New Delhi on 25 August 2022.

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