Elista Celebrating Two Years Of Success Among Indian Customers

Elista Celebrating Two Years Of Success Among Indian Customers

Within two years of inception, Elista is now one of the most prominent market players in the Indian IT market. Brand Elista is redefining the customer experience by bringing reliable and affordable tech products for Indian customers. Continuing its journey with the great passion and commitment to serve the customers with the best products, Elista has successfully completed 2 years in the industry. Since its inception, Elista has developed technologically advanced products and has set up benchmarks in its segment to serve Indian customers with the best quality products. On Elista’s 2nd Anniversary, DT is bringing this story to highlight their achievements, journey and next set target to keep on conquering new heights in years to come.

Elista’s Inspiring Journey  

Elista has been growing at a rapid pace and since its inception, the company has achieved tremendous success so far. Sharing about the inspiring journey of Elista, Pawan Kumar, CEO, Elista said “Elista is a Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, IT, and Mobile Accessories company founded in 2020. We were able to successfully see the need gap that existed in the market and make a substantial dent with our technologically superior products. Catering to the needs of budget-conscious consumers, we are offering best-in-class products at an affordable price.” 

“Our journey started with the introduction of TVs, and we soon expanded into a new category and launched our Washing Machine & dishwasher range. Our vision was to represent world-class innovations at an affordable price. We are proud to say we have done this with our product portfolio, which stands apart in terms of global quality and design while being affordable. An example of this is our range of dishwashers. Before we entered the market, dishwashers were considered a premium product meant for a few. We have disrupted this and made it within reach of a much wider audience. Now we have added innovative products and launched many industry firsts. We have toppled our closest competitor (a veteran with 25 years’ experience in the Indian market) in sales in a few segments.” 

“We have recently launched a range of Web OS TV, which has been well received by the customers. Our turnover reflects the confidence reposed in us by our customers with our revenue going from Rs. 35 crores in first-year operations to almost double to Rs 158 crore in this year. During the course of our journey, we have roped in two Celebrity Ambassadors in the dynamic Ishan Kishan and the dashing Suresh Raina. Elista has also been felicitated with prestigious awards like – BARC Award for ‘Prestigious Brands of Asia’ & CMO Asia award for ‘Excellence in Branding & Marketing – emerging brand” concluded Pawan.

Challenges in Building Elista 

The market has become very challenging owing to many reasons. Sustaining and growing in this challenging market landscape is not easy. Elista has achieved satisfactory growth during its 2 years’ journey despite facing many challenges. Putting across his thoughts, Pawan said, “The Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant two lockdowns were challenging. They added volatility to the already cluttered market, which made it doubly challenging as we were a new entrant. Due to the disruptions in the supply chains, components could not be imported. Despite these obstacles, we continued to relentlessly pursue our desire to make ground-breaking products. We focussed on design innovations and introducing products that were pocket-friendly and easy to use. This also meant that we had a short time frame and had to prove ourselves in multiple categories. Today we can proudly say that time has proved that our confidence in our abilities was justified.” 

Growing Footprints of Elista 

A brand’s success somewhere depends on its presence as a vast geographical presence helps the brand in reaching a large number of customers. Through building a strong network of partners, Elista has made large footprints in the country. Commenting on the growing reach of Elista, Pawan added, “In this respect, we are lucky that our parent company TeknoDome has a solid reputation as a global distributor of renowned brands with over 12 years of experience in the Consumer Goods, IT, and Gaming industries. We leveraged this when looking at dealers who would help us scale up our operations and have helped us scale up operations. Today we have around 25,000 outlets across India, 1,000 distributors channel networks across India and are present on online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Cliq, and Payed.” 

“Our guarantee of quality assurance of our products has helped us win numerous awards such as BARC Award for ‘Prestigious Brands of Asia’ & CMO Asia award for ‘Excellence in Branding & Marketing – emerging brand’. India is a cricket crazy country and we have chosen our brand ambassadors from it. Currently we have the much talked about Ishan Kishan who has been making waves with his batting, and Suresh Raina who has been a fixture is Chennai Super Kings. Consumers across the country have related with us and have appreciated our diverse product offering. Markets such as South, East continue to drive the maximum sales for us,” stated Pawan. 

Product Segments Contributing to Elista’s Growth 

“It is a great sense of achievement. Our product range today speaks for itself in its diversity as well as quality. We were clear that having affordable premium products would necessitate the need to have a strong support ecosystem. We are fortunate to have made a connection with the customers in a short span of time. Out of all the categories that we operate, Smart LED TVs and washing machine range is the biggest revenue generator for us. In the Smart LED TV space, our range starts from 24 inches to 75 inches. In the washing machine space, we offer semi-automatic washing machines starting from 7 kg to 9.5 kg. Almost 70% of revenue comes from Smart LED TVs,” revealed by Pawan. 

Vision for 2023 

Sharing his vision and plans to position Elista as a leading brand in the industry, Pawan commented, “Our journey has just begun, and we have set some challenging goals for the next part. With so much of love and support from customers and partners, we are targeting a turnover of Rs. 250 crores in the current financial year. We are also mulling expanding to overseas markets and have plans to start operations in Dubai, Central Asia, Middle East. In conjunction with this, we are in the process of setting up a manufacturing facility in India. We are completely aligned with the Make In India mission and want to make India the global hub of manufacturing. Till now we have been outsourcing our manufacturing requirements. With the acquisition of a manufacturing license, it will now be in-house. We aim to increase our footprint both in India and globally. Our dual purposes of going ‘vocal for local’ and creating ‘job opportunities in India are at the heart of all our operations.” 

Offline Partners’ Contribution in Elista’s Success 

At Elista, we live by the vision that ‘We are all partners in prosperity. When we say this, it is not just limited to our business but encompasses everyone associated with us. We take immense pride in calling Elista a big happy family, and the spirit of integrity, dependability and teamwork reflects in all our practices through and through. Our dealers have been the backbone of our operations and have contributed immensely to our growth journey. We believe in nurturing relations with our employees, clients, business partners and everyone associated with Elista, in addition to building new ones,” concluded by Pawan. 

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