Pearl Academy's Student Designed Meta School for New Way of Learning

Pearl Academy's Student Designed Meta School for New Way of Learning

Human beings wherever they are, have the capacity to learn through their experiences and reflections. Learning takes place everywhere on a city sidewalk, in schools, in bookstores, and on playgrounds. The learning environment has been evolving with the advancement of technology which brings us to the current era of Online-Learning.

To create an interactive experience for the college students in their learning process, Aashi Agarwal, Pearl Academy student, School of Design, Jaipur has designed “Meta School” a world of experience and fun learning, a place where imagination meets reality.  The purpose of this project is to and about the challenges faced by the students in their online learning environment and to provide them with necessary solutions for effective learning. It not only builds a virtual layer over the physical world where students can work, socialize and learn.  The innovative design project was recently on display at Portfolio – 2022, the annual event of Pearl Academy.

This year, a confluence of technology and creativity was on display by the students of Pearl Academy at ‘Portfolio 2022’. Portfolio 2022 is a kaleidoscope of ideas and an impressive showcase of a diverse range of innovative projects in the fields of design, fashion, creative practices, media and business.

The idea is to develop a virtual learning environment for higher education, by creating a holistic experience for the user which will not only eliminate the horizontal, vertical and gravitational boundaries but also involves the human senses. An internet where you are not just looking at but also living in. Instead of reading about a topic, one can experience it. Imagine learning how the form is built by actually seeing the form get built right Infront of you. This is what the META-SCHOOL goer will experience.

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