ADATA to Showcase its Ground-breaking Innovations in MERAVERSE

ADATA to Showcase its Ground-breaking Innovations in MERAVERSE

ADATA Technology announces that it will be displaying and unveiling its latest products inside the MERAVERSE. The MERAVERSE is a virtual universe created to engage the world beyond the limitations of distance and time. ADATA is keen to provide consumers with an interactive experience by offering virtual exhibitions. On show will be ADATA and XPG’s next-generation DDR5 memory modules, solid state drives, gaming products, and more.

Products of note include the ADATA ACE 6400 DDR5 memory module, XPG Gen5 x 4 solid state drive (SSD), and the 2022 Red Dot Design Award winning XPG ALPHA WIRELESS gaming mouse, which has also received several additional awards from other globally recognized media.

MERAVERSE - Virtual Exhibition & Xtreme Challenge AVG  

The MERAVERSE will consist of a virtual product exhibition combined with an Adventure Game (AVG) format. It will provide visitors with an immersive way to experience the latest and greatest from ADATA and XPG. Visitors will be able to walk freely with a 720-degree field of view inside the MERAVERSE to explore products and go on a three-dimensional journey.

The virtual product exhibition will present innovative products for both gamers and creators. It will showcase the exciting new lineup of XPG products under the themes of XTREME GAMING, XTREME MODDING, and XTREME STYLE. Another exhibition area, named “Build to Create,” will show off high-performance products that will help people maximize their creative potential, including SSDs and DRAM.

Visitors should pay attention to all corners of the MERAVERSE. With the assistance of the ORB (cross-time machine), visitors can collect energy balls and work toward becoming the interstellar overload of the MERAVERSE. The MERAVERSE also includes the ADATA Birthday Activity Zone, which was launched previously to celebrate ADATA’s 21st birthday.


The XTREME Gaming area will display the recently launched Red Dot Design Award-winning XPG ALPHA wireless gaming mouse. This mouse was built to reflect XPG’s industrial design language, called “:Exoskeleton”. It emphasizes a balance between form and function with a focus on ergonomics. In addition, XPG ALPHA wireless gaming mouse has received several additional awards from other globally recognized media (PCMag, HotHardWare, theFPSreview and APH Networks) outlets with its premium product features such as its comfortable grip, 60 hour maximum battery life, and RGB customization via XPG PRIME.

Plus the XPG VAULT gaming mouse, an innovative concept product that was well received at CES this year. It is equipped with a built-in solid-state drive and XPG game launcher for saving game data onto the mouse, allowing users to game across multiple PCs. XPG VAULT features a built-in 1TB SSD with a transfer rate of up to 958 MB/s. The XPG ALPHA and VAULT gaming mice both support XPG PRIME software for customizing buttons and RGB lighting effects.


For PC enthusiasts and gamers, the XTREME MODDING area will showcase the latest XPG gaming components. They include the XPG CYBERCORE platinum series power supply as well as the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan, which features Japanese-made double-ball bearings from Nidec. Visitors will also get to experience the XPG BATTLECRUISER PRO, a high-capacity full-tower gaming chassis that supports high-spec components. The chassis is made of aluminum and equipped with a magnetic front panel and filter. The chassis offers excellent whole line management and the wire configuration is properly stored on the right side of the case. The triangle elements that are representative of XPG are revealed through ARGB. Equipped with a variety of I/O interfaces and USB ports, it is a great choice for avid gamers and PC enthusiasts.

Also on view will be the latest XPG SSDs that support the next-generation PCIe Gen5 x4 interface and are compatible with the NVMe 2.0 standard. Their sustained read and write performance exceed 14/12 GB/s and sport a patented fin cooling system for optimal peak performance. The XPG SLAYER RGB DDR5 gaming memory, with a triangular embossed shape combined with dazzling RGB light effects, and dual mirror and matte surfaces convey a spirit of ultimate performance and the XPG brand. The XPG SLAYER is a Red Dot and Good Design award design winner and delivers performance up to 7000 MT/s performance. Its equally impressive sibling, the XPG CASTER RGB DDR5 perfectly integrates RGB lighting with a tungsten gray color scheme to create a highly futuristic-looking device. It delivers transfer rates starting from 6400 MT/s, and up to 7000 MT/s for more premium variants. XPG DDR5 modules all are equipped with built-in On-Die ECC and PMIC to ensure reliable and stable operations.


In this area, XPG will showcase the XPG STARKER AIR mid-tower ATX chassis with an innovative upward-drawing dust filter, magnetic front panels, and high-efficiency hot and cold air intake configuration. In addition to top-level performance gaming products, XPG will also unveil a range of accessories. They include the latest XPG MERA EDITION GEAR limited-edition gaming peripherals, such as headsets, mice, and mouse pads, and a special-edition keyboard. MERA's limited-edition XPG MAGE gaming keyboard has a unique design and color scheme, which symbolizes victory. What’s more, the XPG PRECOG S gaming headset equipped with 50mm drivers for high-quality sound audio and made for long-session comfort will be on display. The XPG SLINGSHOT gaming mouse will make its debut. It sports a PMW 3360 sensor that offers DPI up to 12000 and is rated for 20 million clicks. Also to be unveiled is the XPG BATTLEGROUND L MERA limited-edition gaming mouse pad made from microfibers created with a special thread-binding technology. Its spacious 420x335mm dimensions are perfectly suited for a gamer’s desktop space.

A New Dimension for Creators

There is no METAVERSE without memory! ADATA is offering a new series of DDR5 memory for creators, the ADATA ACE, and it will be available in two variants including a DDR5 module capable of 6400 MT/s and a DDR4 module capable of 3600 MT/s. The ADATA ACE 6400 DDR5 features built-in On-Die ECC and a PMIC that can self-correct errors generated. ADATA ACE memory modules are ideal for 4K/8K image editing, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. The ACE 3600 DDR4 supports Intel® XMP 3.0 for one-click overclocking and can handle multiple tasks such as graphic design or image editing with ease. These modules use carefully selected low-latency chips, which do not need to be set up and do not require increased voltage.

In light of Web 3.0, ADATA continues to deepen its storage offering for creators. Its latest storage devices include the LEGEND 960 and LEGEND 850 SSDs. Both support PCIe 4.0 and offer sustained read and write speeds of up to 7,400/6,800 MB/s and 5,000/4,500 MB/s respectively, which are 3-4 times higher than speeds of standard PCIe 3.0 SSDs. They come with maximum capacities of 4TB and 2TB respectively, can be installed inside PS5 consoles as expanded storage, and support the latest Intel and AMD platforms.

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Innovating the Future”, ADATA has partnered with Mister Fred, a well-known German illustrator, to launch limited editions of the ACE DDR5 6400 and LEGEND 850.

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