ATEN Introduces ATEN CS52DP Solution for Hybrid Work Challenges

ATEN Introduces ATEN CS52DP Solution for Hybrid Work Challenges

ATEN Advance recently launched the ATEN CS52DP, a compact solution for hybrid work challenges that revamps workspace with the power of a cable KVM switch and the mobility of USB-C connectivity.

The solution aims to help hybrid workers stay agile while they multitask between their hotseats at home and hybrid offices. With a simple push of the button on the remote port selector users can switch between their tasks on one DisplayPort PC and a mobile USB-C device from a DisplayPort and USB console. The DisplayPort-enabled shared screen further assures outstanding 4K audiovisual quality across two computer platforms. 

Following are the major features of the CS52DP:

  • Exceptional AV Performance in Vivid 4K: The CS52DP empowers your desktop workflows with 4K DCI audio-visual enhancement by presenting visual content in outstanding precision.
  • Space-Cost Efficient Desktop Setup: The compact CS52DP enables plug-n-play USB-C connection to a mobile device such as a laptop without going through a docking station, which is a useful, budget-friendly option to expand desktop workspace in a neat and tidy way.
  • Smooth Cross-Platform Integration: The CS52DP enables the integration of different computer systems (Windows, Mac, Sun, Linux, Android and iOS) that are accessible over one KVM console
  • Flexible USB Peripheral Sharing: The console USB ports can be used for plug-n-play connection to compatible USB 2.0 peripheral devices to fulfill data-intensive desktop work requirements.


The CS52DP Cable KVM Switch is perfectly suited to time-critical and multitasking operations in both Work from Home (WFH) and office work scenarios, in any fast-paced industry today. 

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