Strategic Alliance: “The Ultimate Growth Formula”

Strategic Alliance: “The Ultimate Growth Formula”

Radiant Is On The Mission To Expand Geographically By Offering “Radiant Franchise”

Starting a business means answering a series of questions as they relate to turning an idea into a viable company. One key question that should always be asked, and answered, is how the product or service can make life easier for customers. Keeping this as a principle vision, Radiant since it’s inception tried to take accountability to satisfy the inquisitiveness of the customer by offering unique solutions in the field of technology.

To serve customers with streamlined technology and services, Radiant moved one step further and focusing on the “Franchise model “with a vision to Grow with the Alliance strategy.

“Since our inception, we knew that the kind of business we are in, we need a strong association of a pool of energetic, visionary and tech-savvy entrepreneurs who have an inclination towards technology. Since it is a concept that needs systematic fragmentation by providing superior supply and services, we found franchising as the best way to go ahead. The franchise route is helping us to select the right people from the field of technology who are interested in promoting technology and create a system which eases the customer to reach the right product and service across India,” said Nishant Gupta, Managing Director, Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nishant further added “In this unprecedented time, unfortunately, many businesses and even some franchises have had to close their doors for their good. Others, however, have managed to sail through not just because they had a good business idea, relevance, and accessibility but they also had a supportive community.”

Local and small businesses may not make millions each year, but with the support of the franchise the system goes a long way in any situation. They are able to create recognition within the assigned territory and build a following of loyal customers. Backing by a strong Franchisor customer starts trusting their business and offerings which will continue to provide more businesses opportunities.

The IT business is quite lucrative but at the same time competitive as well. There are many intricacies to get into this business or to sustain in the competitive environment, many entrepreneurs opt for a franchise route. When such establishment own a franchise, the franchisor provides them not just a name but market research, access to resources like marketing collaterals, pre and after sales tech support, pitching and guidance to make the start-up period quicker and more convenient to succeed further.

In other words, a franchise allows them to be their own boss without the challenges that come from starting a company from scratch. But to run a successful business, it’s great privilege as being a Franchisor Radiant who will be a part of their journey in every thick and thin. 

Radiant as an organisation value the small- and medium-sized businesses and understand their expectations from a Brand.  Radiant with its strong fundamental business ethics and strong association with the partners offered steady supply and services for clients as well for associated partners even at the time when many others had to scale back or even shut down.

Radiant is taking many of the measures that they learned and observed over the last few years, on everything from offering streamlined supply, continuous tech training and fitting them into their processes so they can become an even stronger partner to franchise owners. 

Having more than 1000+ regular customers and an established brand name in channel business, Radiant wanted to expand the brand to all the regions and cities of India apart from its reach in the metros. The task of reaching to the length and breadth of India is huge and for Radiant it is practically possible with its deep roots in channel business. Though Radiant sees significant potential in the franchise as they believe that when local stakeholder invests in franchise opportunity, the kind of dedication and commitment remains at different level. This ultimately becomes beneficial for both the parties. Hence the best route for Radiant was to appoint partners through the means of franchise who would carry the values and offerings of Radiant to every part of the country for mutual benefits.

“Radiant has already a couple of prospects with whom the franchise model is in the finalization stage which is just a fraction of what we have targeted for this year and very soon you will see significant numbers in this journey,” concluded by Nishant.

As the technology market is growing well across all verticals in India, it is quite obvious that small partners will be benefited in many ways if they choose to go for this business model. This will be a win-win situation for entire industry.

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