“MSI Is Predominantly Known As The True Gaming Brand”

“MSI Is Predominantly Known As The True Gaming Brand”

When it comes to gaming, India is one of the biggest markets globally due to the largest young population. The youth is now adopting gaming as a profession and aims to excel in this field. Sharing his views about the growth trajectory, Ashish M Khokale, Marketing Manager India (CND&GNP Dept), India, MSI said, “We see ever increase in growth with people having more access to internet today. This has been one of the strong reasons for the growth of online gaming, streaming and content creation. Even in last few years, there has been an increase in consumption as well. This trend will continue to grow more in the coming years. With powerful PCs now becoming affordable to the common man, the same PC can double up as a gaming pc and a workstation for high end uses as well.”

Physical Events Fuelling Gaming Market Growth

The LAN events are always valuable for the gamer’s community. Taking part in the physical events provide them the opportunity to experience the latest gaming machines as well build network in gamers community. Gaming brands are actively investing in the physical events to support the aspiring and professional gamers in order to boost the gaming landscape. Commenting about physical gaming events, Ashish said, “LAN Events and physical events are special to us at MSI as this gives us the opportunity to meet our beloved fans, gamers (pro and casual) and content creators. Yes, I feel these types of events will fuel the demand further as this would give an opportunity for end users to experience their favourite components first hand. As gamers prefer to experience the components and new technology before making a decision. With the introduction of more product lines in India, we are targeting more and more events to make sure we can give an opportunity to Gamers and Content Creators alike to experience our products.”

Rapidly Increasing Demand

With the help of high-end gaming products, gamers get a competitive edge over their opponents. Hence, the demand for such advanced products is constantly increasing. Gamers are very skilled and they look for performance-based products that can suit their needs. On the increasing demand, Ashish said, “According to a recent survey, we know that by 2025, India will have the highest number of content creators in the world. Thus, we can see the growth in more of such PC build today where the same PC can be used for content creation and Gaming. As we currently see, the number of streams in India is growing at an exponential rate. With the online content creators showing off their PCs, more and more people are getting interested in creating an in-house setup for themselves.”


“MSI is predominantly known as the True Gaming brand even though we have separated our product lines into Gaming, Content creation and Business/productivity segments. Though our key focus remains the same, that is Gaming. We have introduced all the product lines that are required for games, be it complete solutions products ie. prebuilt gaming desktops and monitors or customization products that is motherboard, graphics card, cabinets, liquid coolers, gaming keyboard, mouse and headset and Gaming chairs. We are focusing on ready solutions and customization for gamers with the above-mentioned product lines,” concluded by Ashish.

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