“Earthion is Acer’s Initiative for All of Us to Engineer A Better Tomorrow”

“Earthion is Acer’s Initiative for All of Us to Engineer A Better Tomorrow”

We all will be celebrating the world environment day on this 5th June and being into the technology market, we hold larger responsibility toward protecting the environment. The tech giant Acer has been always ahead in bringing sustainable machines to contribute towards a better tomorrow. 

Sharing an important message for the industry, Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing, Acer India said, “We live in a fast-paced world where technology plays a major role in connecting our everyday lives. With the increased use of technology, we also witness the rise in e-wastage that is a cause of pollution in the current times. Earthion is Acer’s initiative for all of us to engineer a better tomorrow.” 

“As a responsible company, we have launched Acer Vero, which is a sustainable and high-performing computing solution. Vero products are made from recycled materials and use PCR plastic to manufacture laptops and accessories. We have made nearly 8.8+ million products using PCR plastic and have Applied PCR plastic in 300+ models over the last few years. 24% of our PCs and monitors comply with EPEAT/TCO and Green Mark environmental labels and 95% of our products comply with IEC,” said Sooraj. 

“For Acer, sustainability does not end with just the laptop, we also extend this effort in our logistics and packaging, and recycling. Our operations use clean and renewable energy to keep fossils underground and generate renewable energy in-house and have adopted guaranteed renewable energy sources in countries across the world.” 

“This World Environment Day, Acer would like to encourage brands in the technology industry to join us in this initiative and manufacture products that are safe for the Earth. More than a trend, this is a necessity to tackle our generation’s environmental challenges through innovative and integrated solutions,” conclude Sooraj.

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