“We Definitely Want to Lead This Space And Stay Always Ahead”

“We Definitely Want to Lead This Space And Stay Always Ahead”

Indian brands are also contributing towards the growth of Indian gaming market. Zebronics, a well know Indian brand also offers wide range of gaming products for customers across India. Commenting about the growth of gaming market, Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Zebronics as a brand has been in the PC Gaming segment for at least 15 years, we are the one the pioneers in this segment. We’ve been seeing decent demand and growth in all those years. Looking at the steady growth we had decided to launch our premium gaming range in 2017. In the last few years we have added products like chassis, keyboards, mouse, power supply and more to the range that has helped us to grow in this segment. Zebronics has one of the biggest PC gaming ranges in India. We have recently introduced ZEB-Sonic Bar 100, a one of its kind gaming soundbar. We have also launched gaming headphone ZEB-Blitz with Dolby Atmos. Gaming power supply range was also recently updated with 4 new models including 2 models with 80+ rating. Lots of such innovative and new products are in the pipeline and we want to continue leading this segment in India.” 

He further added “Mobile gaming has gained good traction in the last few years because of smartphones, which has become an essential device in the last few years. It’s also because there is an easy means to access technology and affordable data. With the mobile industry boom, there is a demand for mobile gaming accessories as well. Zebronics has a good range of mobile accessories like Wireless audio, adapters, cables etc. These segments have also shown good growth in the last few years and we are planning to expand this product range as well.”

Increasing Role of Physical Gaming Events

Now the industry is back on track and on ground gaming events have started. These events help gamers to get much-required exposure and elevate their gameplay. Talking about how physical events help gamers, Rajesh said, “We feel there is more that the gaming industry has to offer, the Indian market is still in a developing phase, but yes such gaming tournaments and exhibitions may help gamers touch base with the best products that the market has to offer. These kinds of gaming events are also bringing competitive gaming culture to India. Gaming in India is still seen as a casual activity rather than known for its skills or for the opportunities that serious gamers can get exposure to. The lack of awareness on opportunities as a gamer could be a reason and also more support is needed from the government to help build the infrastructure, and take it to the international standards.”

Fueling The Demand

Today, skilled gamers are generating huge demand for advanced and high-performing gaming products. “Gaming or content creation are two very computing intensive tasks. This is where a high performance machine shines and gives you an edge from the competition. It can not replace the skills required for such highly competitive space but it sure does provide you the tools. So indeed gamers and creators fuel the demand for components. When it comes to high performance gaming machines, this is one of the biggest markets and growing at a very fast pace and Zebronics has a slew of new high end products planned for its premium range, staying true to our promise of bringing premium for masses,” added by Rajesh.

Product Strategy to Push Growth Momentum

India currently has the largest youth population that drive the demand for innovative and high performing gaming devices. In recent years, the demand for advanced gaming products has grown exponentially.

“We’re planning to introduce more products and bring more premium products to the market. We already have an extensive range of premium gaming products that include chassis, power supply, keyboards, mouse, headphones, mousepads, monitors, microphones and more. India has the biggest youth population and is still a developing country. With the rising incomes, more and more people have access and exposure to international trends and gaming environments. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we definitely want to lead this space and stay ‘Always Ahead’ by launching various gaming products in multiple categories to cater the requirement of all the consumers from budget to elite segment,” concluded by Rajesh.

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