“Preludesys Works With 300+ Young And Mature Enterprises Across The Globe”

“Preludesys Works With 300+ Young And Mature Enterprises Across The Globe”

Today, organizations of all sizes and across different verticals embracing digital transformation to keep growing in the competitive market. It helps them improve their resilience and scalability and brings the desired results for them. This migration is huge and signifies the importance of investing in the digital journey. PreludeSys is one of the fast-growing technology service providers with specialization in Digital Transformation. The company helps organizations adopt and leverage the next-gen technologies. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently spoke to Chandramohan Parlapalli, COO and Co-Founder, PreludeSys. Mr. Chandramohan shared his views about the journey of PreludeSys, their offerings, market trends and much more. Read below the excerpts:

Rajeev: Please brief about the journey of PreludeSys so far. How do you see the growth of PreludeSys post covid world? 

Chandramohan: PreludeSys journey started in 1998. Our initial focus was on offering custom application development and testing services on Microsoft technologies. With the advent of internet, we also embraced Java technologies and executed projects spanning custom development, testing, maintenance, and website development focusing on the Microsoft and Java technologies. As we forged ahead, we expanded our capabilities with ERP implementation services by partnering with industry leaders such as Microsoft SAP and Salesforce to offer best in class solutions.  As a growing IT services organization our service offerings followed the trajectory of technology. Our entry into Mobile App Development and Cloud happened as we aligned ourselves with emerging trends. 

We partnered with Salesforce in 2012 and have significantly expanded our expertise, experience, and offerings on Software as a Service technologies. In cloud first world where customers avail Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service, we pioneered Service-as-a Service model in 2016 for our Salesforce and Dynamics Services. We enable customer success through our Service-as-a-Service model which provides services across Advisory, Implementation, Customization, Integration and Admin needs of our customers. This delivery model has enabled customers to realize significant value on their investments in Salesforce and Dynamics by improving adoption, leveraging full features of the platform, and guiding them on incremental adoption of multiple clouds. 

In post pandemic scenario we see significant acceleration of cloud technologies by customers across the spectrum. Cloud technology adoption is strong across Infrastructure, Platforms and Software Applications. Our service offerings like Data & Analytics, Enterprise Integration are aligned with these, and we are poised to help our customers in their Digital Transformation journey. 

Rajeev: Please tell about the services you are offering currently. Which vertical do you serve majorly?  

Chandramohan: PreludeSys works with 300+ young and mature enterprises across the globe in a diverse set of verticals leveraging our in-house technical expertise of 750 employees, technology partnership, industry experience, and global delivery model. The focus verticals are consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, higher education, technology, media, and government organizations. Our service offerings include Enterprise Application Integration, Application Modernization and Cloud Migration, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Business Application Services (CRM / ERP), Testing, and Business Process Services.   

Our business process services include Medical Records and Data Services, Annotation Services, and Leasing Services. We collaborate closely with customers across geographies and deliver value by helping them improve their business effectiveness and technology operations. 

We combine technology partnerships such as Microsoft (Gold partner), Salesforce (Crest partner), AWS, Boomi (Advanced partner), and MuleSoft with a Centre of Excellence that includes accelerators, frameworks, and domain-optimized processes. 

Rajeev: How do you see the adoption of cloud solutions in fast-evolving digital world?  

Chandramohan: Cloud technologies have become an indispensable part of all organizations. According to Gartner, in 2022, cloud adoption will accelerate globally, and the end-user expenditure on cloud services expected to increase by 21.7% to reach $482. Furthermore, Gartner believes that by 2026, cloud spending will exceed 45% of all business IT spending (from less than 17% in 2021). At PreludeSys, almost six out of ten enterprise prospects that we interact with, are interested to move away from their on-premise systems to cloud.   The advantages being ease-of-use, pay-as-you-go model and increased reliability are the major motivational factors. 

Rajeev: What sort of challenges do you see currently in the market? 

Chandramohan: Below are the key challenges that we see today - 

Cyber Security Threats: The last couple of years have been far from ordinary for businesses when it comes to cybersecurity. The hits that we have on our firewalls are mind boggling.  We get more than 50,000 hits on a weekly basis and this threat keeps us on our tows, constantly making us to upgrade our systems 

Talent Shortage: The talent shortage is becoming one of the biggest barriers to our business strategy success. We are leveraging in-house training, cross-training, up-skilling our employees constantly.  We have always been hiring fresh minds.  We have increased our freshers hiring by 200% last year and we have the same strategy for this financial year as well. We have also embraced a full-time work-from-home strategy to address this challenge 

Evolving customer expectations: Almost every industry has a significant turnaround in customer expectations. With the onslaught of low coding platforms like PowerApps, visualization platforms like Power BI, our customer expectation on shorter time to go-to-market and service quality have increased multi-fold. 

Rajeev: What are the key trends that would drive this market in 2022? 

Chandramohan: With the rapid adoption of digital technology, a range of digital services has become increasingly popular. 

  • Greenify Blockchain – The trend to watch out for is interoperability, standardization, and communication among Blockchains. It will be interesting to watch Blockchain technology expansion from cryptocurrency to NFT, Metaverse, and IoT-5G network applications. One must not forget the contribution of Blockchain in vaccine manufacturing and tracking authenticity in the post-covid era. However, we believe the ‘Greenify’ Blockchain ask will start taking prominence in 2022. 
  • Extended Reality – Rather than bulky headsets that require Wi-Fi connections, we will see new, lighter, more portable VR devices in 2022 that will be more like glasses that connect to our phones and offer better VR experiences at any time. 
  • Low Code Development – Low code or no code will only gain further acceptance in today’s automation and digital transformation focus world. Low code development platform is the answer for simultaneous ask of creativity and functionality, apps that are lightweight, and coding done by the citizen developer. 
  • AI is the new global order – There are many new developments on the horizon including metaverses, AI cyber-security, autonomous cars, and much more. Installing a chatbot on your e-commerce website is a simple example of being AI-friendly. 

Rajeev: What is your growth target/revenue for financial year 2022? 

Chandramohan: We are expecting to clock in in 30 – 35 % growth in FY22-23.

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