Matrix Becomes Technology Partner of Intellve Solutions

Matrix Becomes Technology Partner of Intellve Solutions

Matrix joins hands with Intellve Solutions Private Limited as a technology partner. Intellve Solutions Private Limited is a technology company (OEM) and has developed state-of-the-art integrated, intuitive and intelligent operative Command and Control centre applications (Intellve ICCC) for smart cities, large enterprise operational security, and e-surveillance for BFSI and for safety & security of the critical infrastructure. 

Matrix developed an integrated access control and visitor management solution with Intellve Solutions intelligent command and control centre for Indian Oil Petronas Private Limited, Haldia. The Command and Control Center Platform helps the client successfully manage complex operational environments by giving real-time alerts. Integrated maps, GIS, alarm reporting, rule engine SOPs, integrated real-time dashboards, Pattern & Trend Analysis and other features can help the enterprise to manage its operations better. 

Speaking on the same topic, Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager, Matrix says, “This interoperability will provide a point of control to the end customers for managing the crowd flow in their premises without any technical glitches. Furthermore, system integrators can suggest both solutions to end customers without worrying about the integration part for a seamless operation.”

Likewise, Aayush Agarwal, Co-founder at Intellve speaks, “Access control systems play a very crucial role in critical infrastructures such as an LPG import terminal and bottling plant. It detects and delays any unauthorised door breach into premises that could disrupt business operations and be life-threatening. At Intellve, we have integrated Matrix ACS onto our Integrated Command & Control (ICCC) platform for this specific purpose of access annunciation. With an integrated approach, the user is now able to visualise this breach in real-time and mitigate the risk. Unauthorised Access (in time domain) and unauthorised credentials (card) are the 2 critical parameters being monitored at the Indian Oil Petronas Pvt Ltd (IPPL) plant in Haldia.”

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