“Our Partners Have Contributed Extensively Towards The Growth Of Canon India”

“Our Partners Have Contributed Extensively Towards The Growth Of Canon India”

The adoption of new technologies is enhancing organisation efficiency and helping businesses to grow further in the new business world. With the increasing adoption of new-age technologies, the entire industry is growing at faster speed than ever before. With the change in demand for business imaging solutions in last two year has created additional avenues for the players in this domain. Canon, one of the leading brands in the Indian market, is catering to such huge demand with its wide range of products and solutions. Canon has been always ahead in bringing next-gen technologies for their customers to boost their productivity and workflow.  

Trends to Drive Market Further  

Briefing about the key trends that the industry will witness further, K. Bhaskhar, Senior Vice President - Business Imaging Solutions (BIS), Canon India said, “The new normal has led to a tectonic shift towards digitization across industries. Greater dependence on security, cloud storage and collaboration services have emerged as essential technology needs – with hybrid infrastructure as the core driver for businesses. 

  • Cloud-based solutions to thrive amidst the new normal – Cloud has brought significant changes in today’s world and the office automation sector is no exception. Cloud brings ease of use, increased security, flexibility to the user with the opportunity of constant upgradation available always. Today, the user is paying as per usage. With cloud services being hosted within India, territorial usage issues which were there earlier have also been resolved. These advantages have helped overcome initial apprehensions surrounding cloud adoption. Total cost of ownership is also lower in comparison to on-premises solutions. With organizations working in a hybrid model, hybrid cloud is also a reality as it enables organizations and its employees to access data from home as well as office. 
  • Seamless integration to modernise strategic tasks – To ensure a highly scalable business, organisations are pushing for operational efficiency, streamlined processes, remote access, automation, and cost reduction. To this end, several industries like BFSI, Healthcare, SMEs, Manufacturing – have started exploring cloud-based solutions to ensure highest optimisation of varied business needs. Significant changes are also happening in all IT infrastructure related products like MFDs, Document Scanners, Input and Output Solutions, as these products are being designed to ensure easy integration with the cloud. Canon is completely in sync with this trend, as all our products are designed to easily integrate with cloud. Additionally, we are also providing cloud services through our DMS offering of Therefore Online and Print Management (Output) Solution - UniFLOW Online. In fact, our Uniflow Online Solution has received BLI Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution Pick Award - recognised as one of the most impressive solutions evaluated by Keypoint Intelligence during the previous 12-month test cycle, it proved its ability to help businesses track and control print, scan, and copy activities from different environments effectively through a single platform in the cloud
  • Enhanced focus on security – In today’s hyper-sensitive world, businesses are laying utmost importance towards safeguarding their data. This has created pent up demand for cloud-based input/output solutions. Both these products are a boon for industries – be it large scale or small scale and will help businesses level up without constantly worrying about external/ internal threats jeopardising their workflows. Not only that, but today’s imaging solutions also have in-built support to enhance security. For e.g., Canon MFDs come with McAfee embedded protection that protects MFDs which are connected to the network and cloud from getting attacked by malware/spyware 

Business Opportunities for Partners

Channel partners remain an integral part of Canon business as they are the real force for success of brand in India. Commenting about the growth prospects for partners, K. Bhaskhar stated, “Our partner ecosystem is important for us. They have contributed extensively towards the growth of Canon India, particularly for our B2B division. And to help them grow, we offer an enhanced portfolio, becoming a one-stop solution provider for all printing & video surveillance requirements.” 

He further added, “In terms of helping our partners make the most of these offerings, we are coaching our top metro and mini metro partners to expand their business into offering our solutions – especially cloud-based solutions as it is the need of the hour across enterprises. We hold joint seminars with them for their customers, where our pre-sales team explains how Canon products can seamlessly integrate with our customer’s cloud and how their existing IT infrastructure can integrate with cloud services provided by Canon, as this can help them further market the products better and generate sales.  To expand their business and customers, we have also enabled them to offer No Cost EMI facility to their end customers. As many businesses prefer to get a demo of the product before they purchase, we have opened BIS Lounges in association with our partners wherein their customers can experience all Canon office automation products as well as assess the models of products that could best suit their business requirement.”

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