RAEGR Unveils MagFix Arc Wireless Chargers for Apple iPhones

RAEGR Unveils MagFix Arc Wireless Chargers for Apple iPhones

RAEGR Introduces a series of stylishly-crafted new MagFix Arc wireless chargers that you can safely use in your car to top up your iPhone while commuting. The new series includes four new 15W magnetic Magsafe compatible wireless chargers MagFix Arc 1450A, 1450B, and 1450C that adds to your vehicle in style while keeping the safety of your device’s top priority.  

Excited about the latest wireless car chargers, RAEGR MD Ajesh George said, “Keeping your iPhone charged and ready for action every moment is very important so you don’t miss out on important calls or notifications. Our MagFix Arc line-up of car chargers is designed for style and safety while ensuring a smoother and convenient power delivery each so your iPhone is topped up before you reach your destination. Get one for your car or gift a MagFix Arc to your loved ones to show them you care.”

Introducing RAGER’s three new fast wireless magnetic car chargers in the MagFix ARC series with a total of five variants. Each wireless charger is designed with style to match your car’s interiors while ensuring super strong neodymium magnets to secure your precious iPhone while charging it safely and at a faster rate. Presenting the all-new RAEGR MagFix ARC 15W Wireless Car Chargers 1450A, 1450B, and 1450C

RAEGR MagFix Arc 1450A & 1450B: (MRP Rs 2,999)

Available in White (1450A) and Black (1450B) colour variants, each MagFix Arc wireless charger is designed with a minimalistic look and alternative method to mount on your car’s dashboard. Mount it on the AC Air Vent or simply use the dashboard holder with the strong adhesive tape (included). Both the air vent and holder feature a 360-degree ball-socket joint that allows for free movement (swivel, tilt, and 360° rotational) so you can place your iPhone and face it in any direction for convenient viewing and allows for one-hand operation.

RAEGR MagFix Arc 1450B: (MRP Rs 3,599)

 Available in Black colour, the Arc 1450B is uniquely designed as a stylish dashboard stand that can also be used on your work desk back home or in the office. The stand is foldable and is built using thick aluminium for style and durability. The stand has a silicone base to prevent it from sliding and can also be attached to your car’s dashboard using the included 2-way adhesive tape. The Wireless charger mounts on the stand using a magnetic ball-socket joint allowing for free movement (swivel, tilt, and 360° rotational) so you can place your iPhone and face it in any direction for convenience viewing and allows for one-hand operation while working or driving. 

RAEGR MagFix Arc 1450C: Car -Desk Combo (MRP Rs 3,999)

Available in Black and White colour variants, the MagFix ARC 1450C is similar to the 1450B, but additionally features an air vent holder with a lock if you prefer to use the same charger in your car as well as on your desk. The air vent holder also features a ball-socket joint for free movement and convenient viewing up to 360°. The added benefit here is that the charger also uses a magnetic attachment to the air vent holder so you can carry the charging unit back to your desk and mount it on the foldable aluminium stand.

Common features:

All five RAEGR MagFix Arc Magnetic 15W Wireless Car Chargers are built with premium materials, be it ABS or Aluminium or a combination of both. All five chargers can wirelessly charge all compatible devices with up to 15 Watts of power, thus replenishing each one at a faster rate. However, do note that the MagFix Arc 1450 series are only compatible with the latest Apple iPhones (series 12 and 13) which feature Apple’s Magnetic MagSafe charging. All you need to ensure is a Car USB Charger with a rated output of 1 20W or above for best results.

Each charger is designed with extreme care and features precise charging circuits to keep your gadgets safe while in charge. The MagFix ARC chargers feature over-current, overheat, over-voltage, and short circuit protection and can also intelligently identify wireless fast charging devices to smartly adjust power outputs between 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W. Compatible Apple iPhones include 13 Mini / iPhone 13 / 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Mini / iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The RAEGR MagFix Arc Magnetic 15W Wireless Car Chargers (MagSafe Compatible) will be available on Amazon.in with a 1-year Standard Industry Warranty, starting at Rs 2,999. 

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