ASUS Launches New Brand Campaign

ASUS Launches New Brand Campaign

ASUS India released a new brand campaign #WhoWatchesTV which narrates the emotional bond every Indian household has with television. Based on a social experiment, the new campaign captures consumers’ emotions when their TV time is interrupted, emphasizing the importance of redefining their TV space by offering a more portable way of watching TV, from any part of the globe. #YourOLEDTV is a new campaign hovering over the need for a device that revamps users’ TV watching experience in the new normal. #WhoWatchesTV will be live across ASUS’ digital as well as social media channels.

Talking about the campaign, Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India, said, “TV has always been the core source of entertainment for all of us. We at ASUS believe in constantly revamping consumers’ experience through our innovation and allowing consumers to do what they love more innovatively.  Our latest campaign #WhoWatchesTV celebrates the emotional relationship we hold with our television, it’s more of a companion and we want it to resonate with all age groups. Through this campaign, we urge everyone to reconnect with their inner child who would never compromise on their screen time by continuing to watch the favorite show on #YourOLEDTV.

TV sets hold a strong relationship with Indian households and have been an epitome of spending family time, whether good or bad, for a long time. Our association with TVs goes a long way and as 90’s or 2000s kids, we could easily recollect some of our favorite shows to be TV-centric and how we reacted when someone interrupted our TV time while we watched our favorite show. #WhoWatchesTV campaign is based on a social experiment that captures these emotions while urging consumers to resolve these interruptions with ASUS’ innovative product.

ASUS in its new campaign is urging consumers to upgrade #YourOLEDTV that would offer an uninterrupted experience while allowing them to carry their TV wherever they go. In association with leading content creators, Funcho- the creator duo whose content is a laughter medicine, Anam Darbar- a popular content creator, Abhishek Nigam- a popular TV actor, and Arifsha Khan- an Indian actor and model, ASUS’ new campaign invites people to interrupt their family’s TV time to capture their reactions.

The campaign captures how ASUS’ latest innovation redefines consumers’ TV space by providing them the flexibility to watch content from wherever they are, and they don’t need to be stationed in one place to watch their favorite show. The campaign aims at untangling people with their traditional TV screens yet not breaking their bond with TV by allowing them to consume content more seamlessly while doing other activities as well, during work out, lazing in bed, cooking, traveling, etc.

“I have grown up watching my entire family fight for watching TV, I think that almost everyone as a child has experienced this in their homes too! Be it siblings or even parents, everyone has fought with each other. It’s a bittersweet memory I will always cherish and with this collaboration, I was able to go down the memory lane and revisit those memories with my mom” said an excited Anam Darbar

Abhishek Nigam said “Being an actor I love watching TV and have been on the go ever since I joined the entertainment industry. Having #YourOLEDTV is not just convenient but is a requirement in my case. It was exciting to perform this social experiment with ASUS and watch the real reaction from my fans towards it.

Funcho the duo shared their experience, Funcho happened because of our love for NataakBaazi and since childhood, we have seen the same on various TV shows. We have always been fond of watching TV. Our content is curated basis the real-life experience and for that what could be a better source than TV. We are so happy to collaborate with ASUS for this campaign as we got to see so many real and fun experiences shared by our fans on their relationship with TV.”

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