Hitachi Vantara Launches New Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hitachi Vantara Launches New Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hitachi Vantara introduced multiple new hybrid cloud products and services that delivers agility, scalability, and flexibility for private and hybrid cloud operating models with the reliability and trust that Hitachi Vantara customers experience today.

The right cloud strategy accelerates an organization’s ability to deliver data-driven experiences by providing on-demand access to a host of data processing, management, analytics, and storage applications. But cloud is complex, with different operating models, legacy infrastructure, a shortage of cloud talent, and issues with security and compliance. Hitachi Vantara meets our customers wherever they are on their cloud journey and supports them with innovative cloud operating models and world-class performance and resiliency.

Today, Hitachi Vantara announced new hybrid cloud products and services engineered for data-driven organizations who want to automate and simplify their infrastructure and operations to capture the full value of the cloud operating model across on-prem, near-cloud, and public cloud.

  • Virtual Storage Software Block (VSS Block), a software-defined data platform that extends our virtual storage platform to cloud native applications 
  • VSP E1090, our next generation mid-range storage array with new virtual storage scale out capabilities
  • Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight, an AI-driven cloud management tool to support our Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform with simplified cloud-based reporting and analytics
  • Hitachi Cloud Connect, to deliver a near-cloud solution with deep integration into public cloud extending the data fabric to support cloud applications from the leading public cloud providers
  • Unified Compute Platform RS, the latest hyperconverged “cloud in a box” offering and our cloud data protection appliance to ensure your data is secure across your hybrid cloud operating model

“We are accelerating the pace of delivering new hybrid cloud products and services to enable our customers to find innovate ways to enhance their data drive-driven outcomes today, and in the near future,” said Mark Ablett, president, Digital Infrastructure Business Unit at Hitachi Vantara. “By enabling the right cloud strategy with greater automation and simplicity, we allow our customers to divert valuable resources and talent that can be used on AI and data analytics to help them accelerate their ability to find new ways to improve the digital experience of their business.”

New Software Defined Data Platform Extends Hitachi Storage Platform to Cloud Native Applications

Hitachi’s Virtual Storage Software Block (VSS Block) is a new software-defined data platform that provides cloud agility and scalable storage support for traditional and cloud-native applications running on commodity x86 servers. Running on Hitachi’s universal, Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), VSS Block provides customers with a single data plane across our mid-range, enterprise, and software defined storage portfolio. VSS Block will seamlessly connect to our near-cloud offerings and ultimately extend into the public cloud.

Leveraging Hitachi’s patented Polyphase Erasure Coding, VSS Block provides improved data read performance and increased efficiency over traditional erasure coding schemes. VSS Block supports both mirroring and erasure coding for maximum performance and efficiency and is flexible and easily compatible with traditional storage environments with both iSCSI and Fibre Channel host connections.

New Near-Cloud Data Services for Cloud Applications

Introduced today, Hitachi Cloud Connect enables customers to realize the best of both worlds with Enterprise class storage speed and reliability paired with public cloud compute provisioning and scaling. Leveraging the benefits of near-cloud hosted environments with highly connected datacenters for hybrid cloud use cases including compute scaling, data protection, and disaster recovery, Hitachi Cloud Connect enables the extension of your data fabric to near-cloud with the ability to support cloud resident applications in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Hitachi Cloud Connect delivers enterprise performance and data services for cloud-based applications with the reliability Hitachi Vantara is known for, establishing the client’s ownership of their data with seamless data services between on-premises data centers and cloud storage.

The Hitachi Cloud Connect at Equinix offering allows customers to locate Hitachi VSP enterprise-class storage at Equinix International Business ExchangeTM data centers worldwide and includes the option for customers to procure this solution through one agreement and one invoice, greatly simplifying and accelerating their time to market. By leveraging Equinix IBXÒ data centers and Equinix Fabric™ to interconnect sources of data to applications, VSP enables organizations to locate their data next to clouds while still maintaining control and enabling applications such as data protection and back-up for hybrid and multicloud data availability.

New VSP E1090 Midrange System Delivers Performance, Capacity, Simplified Management and Clustering for Scale

The newest addition to Hitachi Vantara’s midrange portfolio, VSP E1090 delivers continued innovation and expansion to support larger configurations and broader consolidation. Delivering the lowest latency of any NVMe midrange storage on the market at 41µs and performance of 8.4M IOPs, non-disruptive data-in-place migration, simplified monitoring and management and quick self-install, the VSP E1090 provides performance, capacity, ease of use, resilience, and peace of mind. Hitachi Replication Plug-in for Containers automates storage replication between Kubernetes clusters and storage systems located at different sites, enabling your organization to take a self-service approach.

VSP E series now brings even more enterprise class capabilities to midrange buyers with Hitachi engineered technology for data reduction performance and non-disruptive, data in place upgrades to next gen platforms. Hitachi Virtual Storage Scale Out enables customers to cluster VSP arrays to scale performance and capacity to start small and quickly adjust in line with the growth of your applications and business. The VSP E series supports clustering of up to 65 nodes and 130 controllers. Powered by Hitachi Ops Center, VSP E series solutions operate as a single virtual system to hosts, delivering federated management, data mobility, data protection and automation across all nodes in a cluster, including virtualized 3rd party arrays.

Hitachi VSP Storage Management delivers an AI-enabled, flexible storage management architecture that enables ease of use through analytics and automation across systems and clusters that seamlessly adopts to meet your unique IT requirements.  VSP Embedded Management promises rapid setup and provisioning of midrange arrays without need for additional software installation. VSP E Series is self-installable and can be up and running in 30 minutes or less. Hitachi Modern Storage Assurance also ensures you have the latest VSP technology, easing purchasing and lifecycle management to take the uncertainty out of your next upgrade and allowing you to scale as needed delivering IT agility and maximizing investments.

Hyperconverged “Cloud in a Box” for Rapid Deployment of Cloud-native Application Infrastructure

The Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family of converged and hyperconverged solutions now provides ‘cloud in a box’ functionality, enabling businesses to improve application release time, enhance operational simplicity and reduce costs with cloud flexibility, intelligent automation, and scalable performance. Delivering a truly flexible hybrid cloud platform, the new factory integrated Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS (UCP RS) powered by VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware Tanzu is designed to increase business agility and deliver operational consistency across on-premises and public cloud environments.

In addition, Hitachi Vantara’s joint solution with Cisco, Hitachi Adaptive Solutions, now includes the latest in Hitachi VSP Storage and supports Cisco’s recently introduced UCS X-Series Compute, all managed by the Cisco Intersight hybrid cloud operations platform.

AI-Driven Cloud Infrastructure Management

Hitachi Ops Center provides a centralized, integrated architecture for the consolidation of multiple storage silos and administrative tools, delivering a unified management service across data configuration, mobility, and protection. Today, Hitachi Vantara debuted Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight, a cloud-based, AI-driven app for monitoring assets from anywhere. Ops Center Clear Sight enables administrators to observe, analyze and optimize VSP storage infrastructure remotely, and AI-driven insights show up-to-date inventory asset views, health status, risk management, and capacity planning. Powered by Hitachi Remote Ops, Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight can resolve up to 90% of support issues using predictive analysis before they affect your environment.

Automated As-a-Service Operations with EverFlex

For customers seeking to purchase more of their IT resources as-a-service, Hitachi Vantara offers EverFlex, a portfolio of on demand, subscription, and managed service solutions. Today, Hitachi Vantara added Hitachi Infrastructure Orchestration as a Service to the EverFlex portfolio. The new offering extends Hitachi Vantara’s renowned data storage management and automation expertise to complex, multi-site IT environments. It enhances traditional operations with ML, AI, business process management, integration, and IT process automation software, and services to provide continuous insights and intelligence about IT environments. The Hitachi Infrastructure Orchestration Platform helps create service-based infrastructures that facilitate autonomous, ‘self-driving’ IT operations that adapt to changing requirements for ongoing infrastructure modernization.

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Hitachi Vantara provides a variety of data protection offerings delivering reliable data accessibility across data stores from the Hitachi Ops Center Protector to integrations with our trusted partners. Designed to manage and protect cloud-native technologies, the new Commvault HyperScale X for Hitachi Data Protection Suite accelerates hybrid cloud adoption with an integrated solution that delivers comprehensive data protection across applications, databases, public cloud environments, hypervisors, operating systems, and storage arrays from a single, extensible platform.

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