Supertron Enters Service Industry, Buys Majority Share in Restore Lab

Supertron Enters Service Industry, Buys Majority Share in Restore Lab

Supertron group forays into IT Services industry with acquiring majority share into HDD & SSD repairing / refurbishing and data recovery company Restore Lab Pvt Ltd.  

The newly acquired company is headed by Sharad Srivastava.  Mr. Srivastava has more than 30 years of HDD/Tech industry experience. Electronics Engineer by profession, He handled country head position in various HDD companies for more than 14 years and last 8 years has been into services/ refurbishment of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD). 

“We strongly believe that Supertron can add lot of value in IT service industry with its strong network and leadership”, said Mr. Vibhor Agarwal, Director Marketing, Supertron, “We believe product services/ refurbishment is key to our IT industry growth. By servicing & refurbishment, the faulty component/ Sub-assembly, we are not only able to increase cost effectiveness of IT solutions to our customer but  also, by extending the  useful life of the product, we are reducing the e-waste and thus helping mother Earth and nature.” 

“ReStor Lab, started with customer need of refurbishing out-of-warranty HDD few years ago as” Mr Sharad Srivastava, Founder and CEO explained that “Hard disk is most fragile part of a Computer. Even free fall from 2 inch height on a hard surface can kill the drive. Out-of-warranty drives are considered junk in India and badly mishandled. However, majority of drives can be repaired if handled properly. A proper and careful handling of HDD can improve the possibility of drive reparability and thus profitability of customers.”   

“Today, ReStor Lab is the only ISO 9001 certified facility in India which can repair, recertify & resize the HDD. So far we have processed more than 800,000 drives” added Mr. Srivastava. “Over the years, we have added SSD repair facilities also.”    

Restor Lab also provide data recovery services to its customer for HDD and SSD. 

“We are very excited to be part of Supertron group companies. Now, we will add services/refurbishment of more and more IT products/sub-assemblies in our portfolio which will benefit our customers” said Mr. Srivastava. 

ReStor Lab customers base include Local and MNC computer OEMs & System integrators,  CE  OEM & SI,  Surveillance OEM, SI and service providers, Large resellers of HDD etc.

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