Quick Heal Launches New Version of Security Solutions for Customers

Quick Heal Launches New Version of Security Solutions for Customers

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd has introduced a new version of its flagship security products for consumers. In this new release, the company has added a host of new features and several enhancements to their existing features. Among the new features, the primary focus is on safeguarding digital privacy for new-age consumers. The main highlight of this new version is the data breach alert feature, which will provide instant alerts to consumers if their personal data like email ID, password, phone no, and IP address have been breached and compromised online and accordingly assist them in taking corrective measures.

As in modern times, consumers dwell more in the virtual world than in the real world, sharing personal data like email ID, phone number, physical address, and much more with companies for online transactions. However, doing so makes them even more vulnerable to online trackers who are always on the lookout for stealing and selling personal information to third parties. In this online race to compete, reach, and track the customer, the online marketers are crossing the line of users' privacy to gain an advantage while the tracker grabs the sale.

At the same time, personal data is collected by various companies to improvise and engage with their clients in a much better way. This unprecedented data collection increases the risk of data breaches. Recent data breaches suggest that brands are not doing enough to protect the users' data that they are collecting. This is putting consumers at risk. This was the major concern shown by the users when Quick Heal recently did a survey to understand their new security concerns.

The new products by the brand are designed to enable consumers to take charge of their online privacy and thus provide them with complete digital freedom while they surf on the internet. Apart from the unique data breach alert feature, the brand has also focused on enhancing consumer security through its wide array of other solutions such as webcam protection, anti-tracker, anti-ransom, phishing protection, and much more.

Sneha Katkar, Lead Product Manager, Quick Heal said, “Consumer protection has evolved from merely being around antivirus basics to being more privacy-centric owing to the rapidly growing data breach incidents across the globe. At Quick Heal, we have always kept consumer safety at the core of our mission and have thus developed products that can protect them from incidents of data breaches and other malware attacks. Our new product which is more privacy-driven comes packed with multiple advanced features like data breach alert, anti-tracker, webcam protection, safe banking and much more. We strongly believe that by developing and delivering such robust security solutions and increasing awareness around them, we can ensure a safe and secure digital life for our consumers, where they can use and experience the internet and its offerings more seamlessly and hassle-free.”

Apart from Data Breach Alert, here are some of the top privacy features that the new suite offers:


When users surf on the internet, there are online trackers that pry on their footprint and browsing behavior. Trackers use such data to promote marketing or sales, display relevant ads, share or sell personal information to different companies without user knowledge. Quick Heal’s Anti-Tracker feature is designed to protect privacy of users by blocking the trackers that collect their digital footprint.

Webcam protection

The webcam protection from Quick Heal prevents applications and malware from accessing the webcam without user consent. With this feature, untrusted applications cannot capture videos or images of users and send the content to outside world, thereby protecting their privacy.

Other key features offered by the brand include advanced ransomware protection, phishing protection, safe banking, parental control, Game Booster, Wi-Fi Scanner, Screen Lock Protection, and 2-Way Firewall Protection among others. All these features are designed keeping in mind the evolving digital and threat landscape, and thus providing consumers with superior security and privacy against any type of online attacks.

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