“5G, Wi-Fi 6 And FTTH Are Emerging Opportunities For Technology Business”

“5G, Wi-Fi 6 And FTTH Are Emerging Opportunities For Technology Business”

The pandemic has posed serious challenges to businesses across segments. But in the meantime, the networking market has witnessed good growth as the demand for the internet increased exponentially. The market players catered to the incoming demand through their partners presented across the region. Digisol is catering to the market with its wide product portfolio for both businesses as well as SMBs. While talking to DT, Sarvesh Mishra, Head of Sales & Marketing, Digisol Systems shared crucial insights about the market as well as their support for customers and partners.

Impacts of Pandemic on Business 

Unlike last year, the impact of lockdown 2.0 was not that appalling, with on-going demands for home based IT networking products Digisol observed decent consistency in their business.  Talking about the challenges, Sarvesh Mishra, Head of Sales & Marketing, Digisol Systems Ltd said, “I believe there has been challenges with regards to short term demand-supply synchronization however, each one of us- manufactures, distributors and resellers are trying our level best to manage it efficiently. We are optimistic that situation will be back on track with many cities unlocked in various states across India.” 

Growth Opportunities Amidst Challenging Business Environment 

“I believe 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and FTTH are emerging opportunities for technology business. The fifth generation of mobile wireless communications promises to bring opportunities to businesses across all industries with greater ability to connect many more devices at once and move more data with its faster speed. Wi-Fi-6 is another emerging opportunity, as it offers up to four times the speed of 802.11ac and it is more efficient, faster and thus user experience will be significantly improved. Lastly, FTTH has been emerging opportunity since past few years and Fiber holds immense opportunities and ensures future consistency with faster data speeds over limitless distances. The ‘New Normal’ environment, has led to a massive surge in the use of the internet across India. Lockdowns, social distancing and working from home pushed users to explore new scenarios to maintain business continuity and made internet connection our basic need. This led to driving demands for home based FTTH products. We plan offer new products under our wireless & FTTH product to fulfil the customers’ requirements of tomorrow,” said Sarvesh Mishra, Digisol Systems Ltd. 

Service Support Infrastructure

Sarvesh Mishra, Digisol Systems Ltd said, “DIGICARE is a service and support division of Digisol. It aims to offer first-rate integrated service and support, which consists of RMA centres, DIGICARE Technical Assistance Centre (DTAC) and Direct Service Department (DSD). DIGICARE has most efficient and highly skilled professionals with state of service infrastructure. It has 3 DIRECT RMA / SERVICE CENTRES (Goa, Bangalore & Kolkata) and 46 Service Partners across the country. During COVID-19 pandemic, our entire service team proved that “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do”. During these situations Digicare’s team swiftly adapted the situation worked from home and resolved each and every customer query. Since internet and IT Networking products like Routers, Wi-Fi extenders was the basic requirements during pandemic, our team made sure that not a single customer query remained unanswered. Even during complete lockdown, our team repaired, collected and delivered the products which customers faced challenges with and ensured that they get best connectivity experience ever.” 

Commitment and Support for Partners 

Sarvesh Mishra, Digisol Systems Ltd stated, “We have introduced various schemes for Channel Partners and System Integrators on our various products and solutions. We have launched the ‘Bundle of Connections’ Schemes for Partners and various offers under our Digisol Cash Karo Loyalty program for Electrician & Installers. Apart from offers, our focus is around empowering our partners, System Integrators, and ISPs by educating them on IT Networking trends, our products, and future technologies like FTTH, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, etc through Digisol Institute of Technical Training. Thus, we have been conducting various online training under DITT- Digisol Institution of Technical Training. Going forward, we will continue to align SI programs with the sales strategy and work closely with Partners, System Integrators, and ISPs in order to acquire new customers, and drive sales.”

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