AOC Officially Launches AGON Gaming Brand

AOC Officially Launches AGON Gaming Brand

AOC has rebranded its entire gaming segment to AGON by AOC globally. AGON by AOC will cover all gaming-related products in AOC’s portfolio, from gaming monitors to gaming headsets, mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, mouse mats and more for gamers of all levels in three categories.  Recently announced, the first category AOC GAMING defines the needs of digital adventurers.

The very first model to be launched in India, under AGON by AOC, as a part of the AOC GAMING category, is the award-winning G2 Series. The new G2 display is a 32” (80 cm) curved display with VA Panel and HDR mode, 1500R curvature and 165 Hz refresh rate. The Model C32G2E will be available on all leading ecommerce platforms and across leading offline retailers from Rs. 44,990/- onwards.

The 2nd generation of G Line gaming monitor – AOC C32G2E has been created exclusively for professional gamers, and the 1500R curvature provides the absolute immersion experience in the game you play.

“With the rebranding of our gaming portfolio under the ‘AGON by AOC’ umbrella, we’re going to elevate our comprehensive gaming portfolio to be more coherent and streamlined. From casual and core gamers, to hard-core, competitive and e-sports players, we’re also visualising an epic fantasy world where gamers will come together and showcase the best of their abilities enhanced by the products that match them best,” says Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing at AOC.

Commenting on the launch of the G2 Series in India, Mr. Atul Jasra, Business Head (India) of AOC Monitors, TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd. said, “The Indian gaming segment is evolving at a rapid pace, with more and more people exploring the world of online gaming and e-sports. AGON by AOC is introducing the G2 Series line-up that has highly specialized products equipped with features that amplify the experience of gaming on a PC. With 1500R curvature and 165 Hz refresh rate, the G2 Series monitor allows you to truly immerse yourself into your gameplay experience and makes you feel like you are amidst the action.”

Immerse yourself in adventure, discover your destiny

The Indian gaming scenario has evolved highly over the year, with the pandemic resulting in increase in online gaming practices, and the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 40% until 2022. Furthermore, one of the emerging trends this year has been the growing preference for PC over a smartphone among India’s gaming community. An increasing number of e-sports/online gamers are inclined towards a PC monitor for a better gameplay experience, with better processing speed, superior graphics capabilities and immersive displays emerging as the top considerations for consumers.

Recognising the need for increased performance and connectedness, allowing gamers to feel immersed in the game and to be the best of the competition, AOC’s gaming monitor ‘C32G2E’ is a marvel to all gaming enthusiasts. With a curved display, VA Panel and HDR mode, this series brings high refresh rate gaming and curved displays that now define the “PC gaming experience” to the Indian consumers.

The curved gaming monitor is packed with useful features like 165Hz refresh rate, 1 ms (MPRT) response time so gamers will experience fast visual feedback without distracting artefacts such as ghosting, and AMD Free-Sync technology. Consumers can now enjoy an ultra-smooth experience with no visible screen blur to ensure consumers are always prepped to win at the pro gaming standard. It also supports HDR mode that essentially transforms non-HDR content into HDR-like visuals via 3 different modes. By enhancing RGBCMY colour for more vivid images (via improved saturation and range), increasing dynamic contrast for clarity and image sharpness, the HDR mode ensures one can experience HDR visuals when viewing standard quality content.

The newly launched monitor also come with a VA panel that delivers superior consistency in colour temperature, wide viewing angles, and crisp contrast to ensure excellent image production for lifelike picture quality from every perspective. Additionally, the curved screen offers a more immersive user experience that puts one at the centre of the action. By mimicking the curvature of the eye, it is also less straining to track movement around the screen. The screen’s deeper-than-average curvature provides a more engaging experience and allows the consumer to enjoy beautiful visuals from almost any angle.

Slim bezel and border monitor on AOC C32G2E offer a comforting viewing experience without distraction. They also save space and can boost productivity via multi-monitor setups. This monitor comes with a 1.5mm ultra-narrow bezel and 5.8mm black screen border.

Furthermore, the monitor has low input lag, so users’ actions can be seen on the screen almost instantly, without any noticeable processing delay, and you'll always be up-to-speed with in-game action at just the right time. Also, the Low Blue Light mode and Flicker-Free technology help gamers to maintain their eye-health.

With AGON by AOC, gamers are introduced to an immersive experience no matter their skills level or game genre they prefer. Globally, AGON by AOC has announced the launch of five monitors from G3 series as part of the new AOC GAMING category and the same will be launched in India soon The five new G3 displays range from 27” (68.6 cm) to 32” (80 cm) to 34” (86.4 cm) diagonal, with all models boasting an aggressive 1000R curvature, 165 Hz refresh rate as well as a sleek, 3-side borderless design.

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