Hitachi Vantara Announces Availability of Kubernetes Service

Hitachi Vantara Announces Availability of Kubernetes Service

Hitachi Vantara announced the availability of Hitachi Kubernetes Service, an enterprise-grade solution for the complex challenge of managing  multiple Kubernetes environments. Hitachi Kubernetes Service enables customers to simply,  consistently, and securely deploy, manage, monitor, and govern Kubernetes clusters across  major cloud providers and on premises. This empowers developers to deploy workloads on  their platform of choice, and eliminates vendor lock-in

Containers are being adopted faster and more comprehensively than previously anticipated.  The containerization of applications enables them to be deployed and run  easily across different computing environments, providing substantial infrastructure cost  savings. Gartner expects that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running  containerized applications in production.1 Kubernetes is an emerging technology standard for  creating, managing, and orchestrating containers and the new Hitachi Kubernetes Service  brings Hitachi’s technology leadership, expertise in the enterprise, and renowned global  training and support to this sector.  

Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Native Infrastructure  

Hitachi Kubernetes Service helps organizations accelerate the adoption of cloud native applications by streamlining the management of the underlying infrastructure and  Kubernetes cluster deployments. It also significantly simplifies how developers will use and  consume IT-delivered container services whether these are delivered from on-premises or  hybrid environments. The extensible self-service catalogue allows customers to optimize their experience by customizing it to match their business requirements and rapidly deploy  curated applications across a hybrid Kubernetes landscape. Hitachi Kubernetes Service  provides enterprise-grade security with secure communications between the Kubernetes  clusters and the SaaS management plane in the cloud. Key benefits are: 

  • Simplicity and ease of deployment through a single management pane that deploys,  manages and governs across all of a customer’s private, hybrid and multicloud  implementations to reduce risk and complexity 
  • A unified dashboard that enables efficient management and governance of multiple on-premises or the cloud-based Kubernetes clusters and the large number of  resources across them 
  • Centralized monitoring and alerting that operators can use to solve Kubernetes root cause analysis challenges to lower the mean time to respond and recover to achieve  service level objectives 
  • Pre-populated applications in the robust service catalog to help developers start  rapidly, using the latest Kubernetes-based orchestration and container services 

Comprehensive Kubernetes Training and Global Support 

One key concern in DevOps is the lack of trained and experienced personnel.  Hitachi Vantara offers extensive customer training including 10 foundational courses ranging  from DevOps essentials to certification-level training courses to help customers build  necessary skills. Additionally, the entire Hitachi Kubernetes Service is a managed  SaaS environment supported by Hitachi Vantara’s Global Customer Service organization.  

Supporting Quotes 

“While our customers love container technology, they are challenged by the complexity to  deploy and securely manage containers at scale across multiple cloud environments,” said  Bobby Soni, president, Digital Infrastructure, Hitachi Vantara. “Today, we are helping  simplify and solve the multicloud Kubernetes challenge for our customers with the  introduction of Hitachi Kubernetes Service. With this enterprise-grade service, our customers  now have the freedom of a true agnostic platform, the flexibility of an extensible self-service  catalogue, accompanied with world-class training and Hitachi global support to help their  development teams drive business results.” 

“We have many isolated Kubernetes deployments in various clouds – it’s complex and hard  to manage,” said Rob Teel, chief information officer for Aether Innovative Technologies,  Inc. “The Hitachi Kubernetes Service provides an intuitive, multicloud dashboard with  powerful APIs to manage our K8s cluster lifecycles, regardless of operating environment.  Hitachi simplifies how we use and consume IT-delivered container services, whether these  are delivered from on-premises or even from hybrid environments.” 

“From skills shortages to code abandonment, consistent processes and even training and  support, there are many challenges in deploying and managing enterprise-grade Kubernetes  in one or more clouds,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group  (ESG). “While there are many Kubernetes services on the market, Hitachi Vantara offers  an open and simple environment helping enterprises achieve success in cloud-native  computing.” 

The Hitachi Kubernetes Service is available today on AWS, with Google Cloud Platform and  Microsoft Azure available early in 2021.

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