Motorola Unveils New Razr 5G Foldable Smartphone in India

Motorola Unveils New Razr 5G Foldable Smartphone in India

Motorola launched the all new motorola razr 5G, the refined, enhanced and powerful successor of the earlier generation razr in India. Designed to withstand up to 200,000 flips^ along with a water repellant design, the razr 5G is not just more durable but packs best in class, pioneering and game changing features across the board. Some of the key features include the world’s most advanced 48MP f/1.7 selfie camera with OIS that can also be used as a rear camera when the device is open, a metal and glass body with 3D formed glass and 7000 series aluminum, a revolutionary 2.7” secondary quick view display that lets you do everything without even opening the phone. The razr 5G is also a global ready 5G smartphone and has 5G support for over 25 markets. Details of its key features are given below: 

Revolutionary and Durable Design with Foldable Display: 

The newest iteration of razr’s design exhibits simplicity on the outside but hides precision and ingenuity on the inside. A tapered chin, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and updated hinge offer aesthetic and functional changes based on direct consumer feedback for an easy, one-handed experience with razr. And polished 3D glass with 7000 series aluminum gives a distinguished, eye-catching look. 

Flip open razr and reveal its 6.2 inch foldable, Flex View Display. When holding the new razr open horizontally, the 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio draws you in with the same ultra-wide dimensions used by the film industry. When held vertically, the narrow design means it’s easy to use with just one hand. 

The display works in harmony with our unique hinge design, offering the only zero gap closure on a foldable device that protects the internal display and keeps razr ultra-compact. We collected feedback from razr owners and put our dynamic folding system to the test with rigorous flip cycling, drop, temperature and other stress-testing to ensure longevity and reliability. We found an average user flips razr 40 times per day, while power users flips razr 100 times a day. Our flip cycling test showed razr is designed to withstand up to 200,000 flips^, meaning it would take a power user over 5 years to reach that level of use.2 Plus, a custom protective coating protects against scratches, while a water repellent barrier on the inside of the devices safeguards against spills, splashes, rain and more. 

Infinitely Capable 2.7” Secondary, Quick View Display: 

We’ve heard from consumers that they feel tethered to their devices and want a way to stay connected while still living in the moment. Our totally unique dual-screen design delivers an experience that addresses this specific pain point, performing unlike any other foldable on the market. 

The Quick View display delivers tools, information and actions in a simple, intuitive way that makes it easier to make decisions and spend less time scrolling aimlessly. 

  • Updated gesture navigation allows you to access your favorite features more easily than ever. The Quick View display now features a navigation bar at the bottom that mimics the gestures of Android 10, so you can easily reach the home screen with just a swipe up. You can also swipe right from the home screen to quickly access the camera, or swipe left to access the new app tray. Swipe left again to access shortcuts to call or text your favorite contacts.
  • Keep in touch by replying to messages with speech-to-text, smart reply, or type a longer message on the Quick View’s full keyboard.
  • You can activate a host of your favourite apps such as Google Maps Spotify, YouTube Music, and more.
  • Plus, NFC technology enables Google Pay in stores around the globe and allows you to share content like contacts, pictures, and videos with other devices wirelessly.
  • We’ve put control directly into users’ hands to customize their Quick View display experience with the themes and apps they love. We preselected eight applications to house within the app panel that work well with the Quick View display: camera, messages, calculator, Keep, Google News, Google Home & YouTube. However, we’ve given users the ability to grant permission for any app to run on the Quick View display, so they can choose which are most important to access quickly without opening the phone. 

World’s most advanced Selfie Camera: 

Open or closed, this device’s camera system delivers a big impact in a small package. Capture sharp, vibrant photos on the 48MP camera6 with Quad Pixel technology that provides 4x the low light sensitivity. Optical image stabilization compensates against blurred images and videos so clarity and detail shine through no matter what the lighting looks like. Plus, laser autofocus technology in the time of flight sensor helps the camera quickly focus on your subject. It’s ultra-fast and super accurate, so you never miss a shot. 

The 48MP camera system6 also doubles as the most advanced selfie camera on the market when the phone is closed.1 Selfies get a creative boost with camera modes like Group Selfie, Portrait Mode, Spot Color, and more. Plus, the dual displays enable a few cool camera features that are simply impossible on other devices. Camera Cartoon helps maintain the subject’s focus by showing a fun animation on the Quick View display while the camera app is open on the main Flex View display. Instant Review shows a preview of your photo on the Quick View display after capture, and External Preview mirrors the viewfinder on the Quick View display so that your subjects can see the photo before it’s captured. 

Of course, we also have you covered for when you want a more immersive, full-screen experience with your selfies. The Flex View Display and internal 20MP camera comes in handy for video calls, offering a high-quality immersive experience that will help you feel even more connected to the people that matter.  

Global 5G ready with blazing fast performance: 

With the new razr, we rose to the challenge to fit more cutting-edge technology into an even sleeker form factor. With 5G networks rapidly expanding around the world, the 5G edition of razr has you covered now and for the future with support for 5G bands across 25 markets.4  The updated chin design reduces the device size while also enabling 5G performance by housing two of the four 5G antennas. All this is powered by a robust Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage. 

Even power-hungry 5G has met its match with our new 2800mAh battery which is positively impacted with a power efficient 7nm chipset and the massively capable quick view display which reduces the main screen usage of the device significantly. With the new razr, you can go all day without recharging.5 Despite the added complexity of 5G and a larger battery, the next generation maintains the slim, cohesive design our consumers and industry experts love. 

Clean Software Experience and My UX: 

Motorola is known for its clean, hassle-free, and immersive android experience. With razr 5G we take this bar a notch higher with My UX, which includes all the great experiences customers have come to know and love as well as a variety of new features, letting users take music, videos, and games to the next level with custom settings and advanced controls. Users can even create their device themes by choosing from unique fonts, colors, and icon shapes to make their phone one in a million. 

The razr 5G comes with Android 10, with 2 assured OS upgrades and 3 years of security upgrades.  

Exceptional Offers:

To give consumers the best purchase experience, Motorola has compiled some of the best offers in the industry that add to the consumer delight and overall experience. 

HDFC Bank:

INR 10,000/- INSTANT DISCOUNT (Online) and CASHBACK(Offline) on HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Debit & Credit EMI transactions*. 

Reliance JIO: 

  • Savings of Rs.14,997/-
  • Motorola razr 5G users on the Reliance Jio network will get:
  • Double data benefits when recharging with the Jio Rs.4999/- annual plan (350 + 350 GB High-speed data WITHOUT any daily capping + another year of unlimited voice and 700 GB data. This amounts to a saving of Rs.14,997/-)
  • An additional 1-year of unlimited services free-of-cost 

Other Offers: 

No Cost EMIs up-to 12 months with HDFC bank and all leading banks and issuers. 

Pricing and availability 

The much-anticipated Motorola razr 5G will be available in an ultra-sophisticated and uber premium Polished Graphite colour. Pre-booking starts 5th October and sales start 12th October at all leading retail stores and online on Flipkart at a price of INR 1,24,999. The effective price will be INR 1,14,999 for HDFC credit card and debit/credit card EMI transactions with a 10,000 Instant discount / cashback offer.

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