“We Are Able to Add 15-20% Newer Partners During This Lockdown Period”

“We Are Able to Add 15-20% Newer Partners During This Lockdown Period”

Lockdown was no doubt a tough time for the entire IT market but soon the government understood the role of IT in the pandemic situation. Due to support from IT vendors, sectors like health, education and WFH continues to drive the economy to some extent. ECS, the well-known brand in India resumed its operation in such a tough time to cater to the demand of computing across all segments.  Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager India, ECS said, “India went to lockdown around the end of March when we saw complete halt of work. But after almost one & half month, IT hardware became part of essential services and we could start the business by around 1st half of May 2020. I would like to thanks our partners for their efforts in closing the requirements of our all products and demand across key verticals which were active before lockdown but executed in a very unprecedented situation. I believe the IT industry saw some growth initially after lockdown as we all saw opportunities in certain segments.”

Challenges in Unlock 

Yet the market has started getting ease to work in new normal, but the concerns are very high for the entire brands due to some huge business challenges. When asked about challenges Mr. Bhatt stated, “There are few major challenges which we need to take care of. Longer transit time within India, dollar appreciation, restricted or limited domestic and international goods movement are key concerns for all IT brands in India. These all results in increased prices hence decision making is being delayed due to volatile market conditions.” 

Unlocking Growth Opportunities 

We all have moved and hardly talking about the losses which occur during the last few months. If we lost some of the major businesses due to complete lockdown, we also grabbed opportunities in the segment which were never existing in the pre-COVID era.  “We all should focus on emerging market trends and should plan our product strategy accordingly. We should offer the product and solution to support WFH & online education. We are trying to educate and add more partners through telephonic or other Digital media interaction. We are really thankful to our distributor and its sales team we are able to add 15-20% newer partners during this lockdown period which has to strengthen ECS reach even further” added Rajshekhar Bhatt.

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