“We Have Been Seeing Tremendous Growth in Our Business”

“We Have Been Seeing Tremendous Growth in Our Business”

The post lockdown scenario has opened the doors for market players to uplift their business amidst COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the government is also encouraging businesses to take on opportunities and grow with them. Sarvesh Mishra, Head of Sales and Marketing, Digisol Systems said, “We have been seeing tremendous growth in our business especially for our FTTH line of products. As the majority of people are working from home, it has been captured that data demand from residences arose which further opened doors for Fiber to the Home products and solutions. We have also observed growth momentum for other product lines, all thanks to our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, his vision for Vocal for Local has been extremely beneficial for Digisol. There is a lot of awareness amongst customers and they are really making sure that the purchases that they are making are made in India. Digisol is one a few IT Networking companies that has been the epitome of Make in India for 3 decades.”

Challenges to Go with Time  

There are many challenges for businesses even after lockdown is lifted but the market players are confronting such challenges to bring the business on track. Sarvesh stated, “For the past few months, the ways and means, we do business have changed drastically. The lockdown has afforded the consumer to revisit their needs, and this has a big impact on the demand and supply, which has further led short-term demand-supply synchronization challenges. Unlock 3.0 has eased lockdown in many zones and business is taking pace especially in the least impacted cities, however, I believe things will get back on track with time.” 

Empowering Partners  

Digisol have introduced various schemes for Channel Partners and System Integrators on our various products and solutions. “We have launched the ‘Bundle of Connections’ Schemes for Partners and various offers under our Digisol Cash Karo Loyalty program for Electrician & Installers. Apart from offers, our focus is around empowering our partners, System Integrators, and ISPs by educating them on IT Networking trends, our products, and future technologies like FTTH, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, etc through Digisol Institute of Technical Training. Thus, we have been conducting various online training under DITT- Digisol Institution of Technical Training. Going forward, we will continue to align SI programs with the sales strategy and work closely with Partners, System Integrators, and ISPs in order to acquire new customers, and drive sales” added by Sarvesh.

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