VMRay Appoints Rah Infotech as Its Authorized Distributor

VMRay Appoints Rah Infotech as Its Authorized Distributor

VMRay announced that it has signed a strategic distribution partnership with RAH Infotech. The new distribution agreement will allow RAH Infotech to resell and distribute VMRay’s pioneering malware analysis and detection solutions to its channel partners who can and use it to build custom end-to-end solutions for their customers in order to accelerate their response to new and evasive threats.

“The global malware threat continues to plague enterprise organizations around the world and businesses in the APAC region are no exception, which is why we are so excited to announce this partnership with VMRay,” said Ashok Kumar, founder and managing director for RAH Infotech.  “Our channel partners count on us to identify and objectively evaluate the most innovative best-of-breed products in the market and following an extensive investigation, determined that VMRay’s suite of malware analysis solutions will be an exceptional addition to our solution portfolio.” 

In today’s threat landscape, signature-based security solutions are unable to detect threats that they have never been seen before. VMRay represents a radical departure from traditional malware sandbox analysis methods. Combining hypervisor-based dynamic analysis with static and real-time reputation engines, security teams can quickly detect threats and extract indicators of compromise (IOCs), while remaining invisible to malware. 

“This partnership represents an important step forward for VMRay as we push to expand our global footprint via our channel partners and we are very fortunate to count RAH Infotech as a distribution partner in the APAC region,” said Ilijana Vavan, Chief Sales Officer for VMRay. “RAH Infotech is an ideal partner for us on a number of fronts. Not only does the VMRay solution fit squarely within their current solution portfolio but they also have an experienced technical team who will be able to help ensure successful customer deployments down the road.”

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