Xenio Launches Made-in-India Video Conferencing App ‘Batein’

Xenio Launches Made-in-India Video Conferencing App ‘Batein’

Video conference platform Xenio launches a new app named ‘Batein’. It is for personal communication between friends, relatives, and family. Batein is a made-in-India video conferencing platform that promises 100% data security.

The announcement comes at a time when demand for online conference platforms are at an all-time high. This is because of the growing coronavirus pandemic around the world. The deadly COVID-19 has forced almost all business interactions to be distanced and therefore digital.

The social distancing requirement has forced people to be apart from their close ones as well. Therefore, from office meetings to sales calls to virtual dates – everything is dependent on uninterrupted video calling services.

Batein also comes in the wake of Indian Government banning 59 Chinese apps. The decision was announced citing danger to data privacy and sovereign integrity as a reason. In the light of the decision, up coming Indian apps like Batein are getting ready to fill the void. This would also go on to make the goal of a self-reliant India a reality.

The benefits of Batein app:

Batein aims to capture this crisis and turn it into an opportunity. The goal of the app is to provide Indian citizens the freedom to communicate freely with their friends and family. It allows the users to be virtually present with their dear ones without any call drop or disruption. In fact, the motto of the app itself is about offering an endless freedom to talk without the fear for personal data theft, says the founder of Xenio, Nirav Shah.

He also pointed out how Batein is designed keeping in mind the immense pressure of the current situation. The pandemic has led to increased amount of personal and financial stress among the people. Batein aims to make the time easier for their customers.

“In the present situation where the entire country is under lockdown, people are under tremendous stress in regards to not being able to meet and connect with people they love, financial issues, and many others. Depression seems to be in an all-time state of high. We hope people can use Batein and talk to their loved ones without the fear of their privacy. As our tag line says, Batein – Kuch Kahi – Ankahi Si, Aao kare kuch Batein,” Shah says.

Who Batein app is made for:

Batein, powered by Xenio, is created keeping the common Indian people in mind. It has become extremely difficult for everyone to reach out during the lockdown to their parents, kids, spouses, and friends who live apart.

So whether a parent wants to talk with their son or daughter who is stuck in another city or two friends want to discuss a new entrepreneurship idea – Batein will provide a safe and secure platform for anyone. With this app, Xenio will be competing with the likes of Zoom, Jio Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Features of Batein:

  • Batein is a completely secure video conference platform with 100% end-to-end encryption. Data is stored on the user server with total privacy, unlike several other contemporary platforms that capture and sell personal information for corporate profit.
  • It can be run directly from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers with meeting link provided by the host. The host will have the ability to add, remove, mute, encrypt, and end the call at any point.
  • Batein app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and you can start engaging in communication.
  • On Batein you can directly share YouTube video links with your friends and have a watch party as well.
  • Batein has no time restrictions and 100 simultaneous users can collaborate. For Web Conferences, it supports up to 500+ users.

Batein looks forward to changing the video conferencing scene of Indian consumers and living rooms both during the pandemic and after that.

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