Tata Teleservices Unveils SmartOffice Solutions to Support ‘Work-from-Anywhere’ Culture

Tata Teleservices Unveils SmartOffice Solutions to Support ‘Work-from-Anywhere’ Culture

With the continuous evolution of smart devices and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), everything is becoming smart these days. Businesses are also joining the bandwagon of inculcating smart measures to streamline their overall operations. During the current pandemic situation, the innovative smart office solutions are helping businesses to set up remote work environments. To support this ‘Work-from-anywhere’ culture, Tata Teleservices streamlined its SmartOffice® solution for small and medium enterprises across the country. It is an advanced single-box technology designed to meet the voice, data, storage and application needs of the enterprises to help them set up branch offices.  SmartOffice® is an affordable, reliable, easy to deploy & maintain solution, making it a perfect choice for enterprises.

The SmartOffice® solution help enterprises deal with various technological and devices challenges, committing CAPEX and OPEX, and handling several vendors and partners. It eliminates the need for setting up separate voice and data infrastructure including Basic Rate Interfaces, Primary Rate Interfaces and local PSTN gateways, thereby substantially lowering overall ICT costs. It also provides SMEs with the access of various devices at a single point, such as - IP-PBX, Data Router, Wi-Fi Router, Firewall, VoIP/GSM Gateway and DHCP server. 

The office-in-a-box is a smart solution for any business with Advanced Call Management features that facilitates agents receive customer calls on mobile devices, perform complex tasks for a seamless customer service experience. It offers the IP enabled box with interoperability that provides the state of the art voice communication solution offering Analog and IP interfaces. The SmartOffice® solution also comprises of inbuilt Firewall and Access Policies, fulfilling the basic security needs of the enterprises. With this new and flexible offering of CRM management by Tata Teleservices, SMEs can now effectively monitor and manage their customer’s business expectations, implement campaigns and enrich their customer relationships. 

To elaborate on the storage and network capabilities of SmartOffice®, it offers IP Telephony Features with Pre-activated 20 SIP Trunks, 64 IP Users, 32 analogue extensions, Configured Short Digit Dialling across customer offices, Virtual Private Networking for Secure Data Exchange over Internet Connections and 100GB space per user for document management, pooled storage and secure collaboration. 

Below are some of the additional products provided in the SmartOffice® solution that can help businesses work efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Audio Conferencing System (ACS) – The conferencing solution enables seamless connectivity and collaboration with business associates across geographies. It ensures seamless conferencing experience thus controlling costs of travel. It offers conferencing service at fixed affordable monthly rentals wherein you can host up to 300 participants.  The solution also has dial-in access to local Pan-India number through a single number service. 

Document Management System (DMS) – The DMS service is powered by TCS iON. It enables enterprises to streamline the sharing of large documents remotely without compromising on security. It also helps to create a centralized file repository and streamline workflows. The service also enables role-based access to boost employee’s collaboration by allowing them to work on the same set of documents remotely. Some other features of the solution include 100 GB storage space per user, version management and retrieval and email reply capture capabilities. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System – The SmartOffice® solution offers a powerful CRM management solution to monitor and manage the customer’s business expectations of the enterprises. It also helps manage customers better & helps streamline various business processes for organization’s smooth functioning. Some important features include pre-sales module for leads, sales and post sales management and field-force automation. 

Toll Free Services (TFN) – The service offers toll-free services on an innovative and reliable network platform with a number series of 1800. Our services are offered as Call Free, as it is free for callers and cost is billed to company as per the plan. The enterprises are allowed to manage their accounts and access reports on their own through an interactive portal that enables businesses to deliver accelerated customer satisfaction. 

Unlimited Conferencing - The enterprises can also add unlimited conferencing to the SmartOffice® at an additional cost. The enterprises will get unlimited audio conferencing at INR 999 per month and unlimited web conferencing at INR 4999 per month. The features will include 4 Mbps ILL, 10 channel SIP Trunk with unlimited calling, more than 500 conferencing minutes per month and a device with advanced IPPBX, Data router, Firewall and Wi-Fi. 

Phased Offerings and Launch - is offered in two phases. In phase 1 TTSL offers voice, data and the document management system while apps are added in the second phase. Each SmartOffice® box has the capacity to connect 30-35 employees. It is ideal for small offices having 10-15 employees but planning to expand operations in the near future. As the staff strength grows beyond 30-35 people, businesses can simply procure another SmartOffice® box to enhance capacity. In case the business scales up significantly, the customer does not run the risk of his investments turning redundant since SmartOffice is free. 

Key Features –

  • Integrated solution to manage voice and data networks.
  • Single box for multiple office landlines (SIP Trunk) and Internet Leased Line connectivity.
  • Supports both IP and analogue phones.
  • Certified hardware from leaders in the enterprise business.
  • Being free, there is no CAPEX or OPEX.
  • Best plans for VoIP, ILL and DM.
  • One-stop contact for support on telecom access and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Delivers pre-recorded greetings to customers, advance call capabilities, voice mail, video calling, voice recording, IVR and in-office mobility with Android Softphone Client.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi, Firewall, Router and DHCP server.
  • 500 GB of Cloud storage.
  • Future-proof solution. Ready-to-integrate SIP-based solutions.
  • Bundled Cloud-based application, including document management system.
  • Plug-and-play box with easy user interface to change configurations anytime.

The SmartOffice® features an easy-to-use simple user interface that lets the enterprises easily configure and enable the services with just a few simple steps. The solution is one of the finest smart office tools which pack all the necessary services in a single innovative box.

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