Birlasoft Introduces intelliOpen Digital Solution to Help Companies Restart Operation

Birlasoft Introduces intelliOpen Digital Solution to Help Companies Restart Operation

Birlasoft Ltd has launched intelliOpen™ - an integrated digital solution using IoT, Analytics, AI, and wearables to strengthen return-to-work strategies, and support companies to restart and operate businesses with confidence.

When employees or visitors enter a business facility, they expect companies to take necessary precautions to help protect them from the spread of COVID-19. Birlasoft enables companies to put this protection in place. intelliOpen is an intelligent system for enabling and integrating four important components of protection: Self screening, Thermal Screening, Social Distance Compliance and Contact Tracing. The solution adheres to the required regulatory compliance for maintaining data privacy and confidentiality. 

Companies across industries need to establish and monitor new health and safety measures that help combat the spread of COVID-19. It is important to de-escalate workplaces from becoming hotspots for spread of the virus, which can cause business operations to be suspended. The spread can primarily happen due to inability to trace contacts who came in proximity of an infected person during the asymptomatic phase. Digital technologies provide a proactive mechanism to keep the spread under control. 

Sharing his thoughts at the launch, Ajit Singh Chawla, SVP & Global Head, Digital Business Unit, Birlasoft said, "Both lives and livelihoods are important. Through intelliOpen, Birlasoft uses digital technologies to empower its customers to make their facilities safer during and post-COVID-19 situation. intelliOpen can help our customers in Manufacturing, Retail, Airline, Hospitality, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences, BFSI, Real Estate and other industries."

intelliOpen is built using Birlasoft’s award-winning platform – intelliAsset™ and is powered by Microsoft Azure. Azure Platform-as-a-Service makes intelliOpen quick to deploy, highly available, and scalable across global facilities. intelliOpen uses Azure Cognitive Services, which enhances the experience for social distancing compliance and contactless operations. Data visualization capabilities of Microsoft Power BI provides companies with rich insights and dashboards. 

Venkat Krishnan, Executive Director, Commercial Partners, Microsoft India said, "As businesses gradually reopen in the process of economic recovery, employers will have to monitor the health and safety of the workforce. Our highly secure and scalable cloud platform enables intelliOpen™ in managing this critical activity for organizations across industries." 

intelliOpen integrates with time and attendance and security access systems, thereby, delivering the value of a connected enterprise. It automatically alerts EHS and facility management teams in the event of any detections and/or non-compliance of social distancing norms. It can help in restricting access of symptomatic or COVID-19 positive cases into the facilities so they can be provided with timely medical aid and guidance. It also provides rich, geography-wise dashboards and reports for monitoring and compliance purposes. 

John Westfield, ISG Partner - Consumer Services said, "ISG has clients and prospects that are looking for an adaptive solution to safeguard employees while maintaining individual privacy. Birlasoft has quickly stepped up to create a solution that can integrate with current enterprise hardware - including Thermal imaging devices - and seamlessly integrate with pre-existing HR systems for tracking, reporting, and employee well-being during these ever-changing times. Employee safety and peace of mind will certainly continue to be a top priority and adaptive solutions like Birlasoft’s intelliOpen hits the mark in terms of seamless integration, social distancing and contact tracing options, data analytics, and timely digital innovation." 

During these trying times, helping every organization to survive, recover and return to business as usual is among the top priorities of management teams worldwide. Birlasoft intelliOpen™ provides a much-needed defence as part of the return-to-work strategy of businesses across the globe.

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