Coding Ninjas Launches Ninjas Junior Program to Offer Coding Courses

Coding Ninjas Launches Ninjas Junior Program to Offer Coding Courses

Coding Ninjas has introduced Ninjas Junior to offer a wide range of coding and programming courses to students from the K12 segment. The new offering will offer a gamut of courses to students from the 3rd-8th standard (6-14 years old) and will help them develop an understanding of basic analytical skills and improvise their cognitive abilities. 

The courses will help students to explore different domains such as App development, game development, Machine Learning and webpage design. Students will learn coding through personalised one-on-one live classes and the courses are designed in a way to progress step by step from block-based programming to text-based programming languages like HTML, CSS and Python. The courses will cover creative and challenging projects for the students to work on like Basketball game, Tower Of Hanoi, Ping pong games, Fruit Ninjas, Chatbots, Alarm clock, Car Racing games and many more. Those, who are interested, can apply for the courses or can register for a trial class on the Coding Ninjas Junior website. 

Speaking on the announcement, Ankush Singla, Co-Founder, Coding Ninjas said, “Coding Ninjas is not getting its feet wet in the K12 segment for the first time. Over the last four years of our existence, we have, on multiple occasions successfully organised several offline classes for school going students. The Ninjas Junior program goes hand-in-hand with our vision to change the face of tech education in India and help it take leaps in becoming a major computer-literate state in the world. We are more so excited about this latest installation as we don’t have a generic course in place for this. Besides programming, our courses will also help students improve their performance in the school exams. The projects are designed to tackle problems - the students would have in their Maths and Science school curriculum, in a practical programming-driven manner.” 

The benefits of enrolling in these courses include personalised attention, active learning, scheduling the class at student’s convenience, learning from the comfort of their home independent of parental support, and chat support for doubt resolution. Some of the major highlights of the courses are: 

  • Create projects that include the elements of art like music, design and drawing
  • Understanding the concept of block-based programming
  • Design animated stories thatinclude multiple characters, scenes, and more
  • Develop real-world mobile games with required functionalities like scoring, timing, multiplayer, etc
  • Work with different phone sensors and integrate their functionality in designing apps or games
  • Publish the app on the Android Play Store
  • Design a webpage using the HTML tags and add styling elements using CSS 

Founded in 2016, Coding Ninjas has raised 5.2 Million in Series A funding from Info Edge India Limited earlier in 2020. Recently, they have partnered with Talent500 to generate employment opportunities in the tech domain. The company is witnessing rapid growth and recorded an increase of 30% in student enrollment during the pandemic situation.

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