RP tech India Launches New ‘Corona Safeguard’ IT Solutions Portfolio

RP tech India Launches New ‘Corona Safeguard’ IT Solutions Portfolio

The COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted people and economies worldwide. Considering the widespread outbreak, maintaining social distancing seems the most effective way to safeguard from this deadly virus. While health and safety are important aspects, ensuring business continuity is critical to recover economic losses and generate jobs. Therefore, several organizations are adopting a new culture of Work from Home (WFH) and Learn from Home (LFH). In a bid to make WFH and LFH safe and productive, RP tech India has introduced ‘Corona Safeguard’ IT solutions. 

Designed to address the specific needs of users, RP tech’s Corona Safeguard IT solutions ensure better productivity and enhanced performance. It includes computing, networking, connectivity and storage solutions from leading brands including Intel, Lenovo, Fitbit, Asus, Logitech, HP, Plantronics, Belkin, Western Digital, SanDisk, TP-Link, AMD, Linksys, AOC, Toshiba, Crucial by Micron and others. 

According to industry estimates over 3 million IT professionals have so far shifted to WFH. Other industry verticals are also expected to follow the trend post lockdown. Similarly, various educational institutes and state governments are exploring the concept of virtual classrooms this academic year. Since the announcement of lockdown, there is a sharp surge in the demand for Laptops/Notebooks, Smartphones and Tablets. Similarly, the demand for video conferencing and AI solutions have increased in the last few months. RP tech India sees enormous business prospects in both the business segment as they require the tremendous deployment of IT infrastructure. The company offers a comprehensive brands portfolio to cater to the IT hardware demand for LFH and WFH.

Advantages with RP tech ‘Corona Safeguard’ IT Solutions

  • Notebooks from Asus, Lenovo and HP enables people to work from home and learn from home. It also helps to make digital payment enabling safeguard against COVID -19.
  • The video conferencing solutions from Logitech ensure seamless communication among people across the regions while maintaining social distancing.
  • The fitness tracking solutions from Fitbit help people to focus on health and improve their immunity while in stay home environment. 
  • The storage solutions from Western Digital and Crucial by Micron help in optimizing computing and provide speed and high performance.
  • The backup solutions from Toshiba ensure Data security to users’ during challenging times.
  • The innovative flash drives from SanDisk enable users to capture, store and share special moments without any hassles. 
  • The routers from TP-Link and Linksys ensure high speed broadband and seamless connectivity at home so that people would not need to go to offices or internet cafes for heavy downloading tasks. 
  • The computer accessories such as headsets, power banks and cable & connections from Plantronics, JBL, Belkin and HP offers a complete computing portfolio for WFH and LFH. 
  • With Logitech webcams people can participate virtual conferences and also e –meet their love ones safely.
  • Intel’s NUC Mini PC enables users to give power to their virtual offices without stepping out, hence, safeguarding from Corona virus. 

Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Director, Sales & Marketing, RP tech India said, “In the current scenario, the performance of computing & communication hardware, connectivity and storage requirements are the key concerns of individuals. RP tech India is the largest distributor for consumer and commercial notebooks and laptops in India. We have high-quality video conferencing solutions from Logitech for digital conferencing and virtual classes. We offer smartwatches and other fitness tracking devices of Fitbit. We also have a robust portfolio of high-performance tablets and smartphones of Samsung and high end storage solutions from Toshiba, Western Digital, SanDisk and Crucial by Micron. In short, our Corona Safeguard IT Solutions portfolio rightly addresses the concerns of customers. We want to make sure that people stay safe at their homes and give maximum output.” 

The WFH and LFH will be the future growth drivers for the IT industry not only in India but worldwide. RP tech India is very bullish over this market and the company with its robust distribution network of 50 branches, 50 service centers, 9000+ retail partners and a direct presence in 750 cities/towns across the country, is set to capitalize on the business prospects. Corona Safeguard IT Solutions portfolio is available through the authorized distribution network of RP tech India across the country. Customers can visit RP tech India’s website for details of retailers selling the solutions in their respective cities.

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