Vistaprint Witnessed 80% Workplace Productivity by Deploying EmpMonitor Business Solution

Vistaprint Witnessed 80% Workplace Productivity by Deploying EmpMonitor Business Solution

Vistaprint has said that the company has recorded considerable benefits, especially for human resources, after implementing EmpMonitor Staff Tracking Software to enhance workplace productivity. 

EmpMonitor helped Vistaprint tremendously in boosting employee productivity, evaluating employee performance, and reducing work stress. Within three months of implementing EmpMonitor SaaS (Software as a Service), Vistaprint’s productivity has increased by a whopping 80%. 

“We implemented EmpMonitor to monitor our employee’s day-to-day tasks. The task management facility and the data collected by the software which maps specific details are one of the best features which help to enhance the overall productivity. The customer support tech and the whole team of EmpMonitor were great in helping us set up the software in a short while,” said Robert Keane, Founder & CEO of Vistaprint. 

The all-in-one employee management software also helps in managing attendance, providing flexible user-based settings, department-level management, and provides the facility to manage all the computers in an organization remotely from a centralized location. Also, for any query, the EmpMonitor tech support team remains available 24X7 for businesses. 

Sumit Ghosh, Founder, EmpMonitor, says, “With this tie-up, we have been able to facilitate Vistaprint with detailed insights into their employee’s working hours and the amount of time they are spending on each task. We are delighted that our esteemed client Vistaprint has witnessed a major efficiency jump after workers realized that they were being tracked. In these times of Covid-19 when most employees are working from home, tracking their productivity has become crucial like never before. Our business solutions help firms overcome this issue.” 

EmpMonitor, which has its headquarters in Singapore and runs India operations from Bengaluru, offers a powerful cloud-based employee monitoring software to track their activities and performance while increasing their productivity and maintaining a safe and more productive work environment. EmpMonitor is not just convenient but also safe to use as data security is one of the strongest features of the software.

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