TO THE NEW Successfully Concluded Techfluence: A Digital Technology Conferences

TO THE NEW Successfully Concluded Techfluence: A Digital Technology Conferences

TO THE NEW organized its flagship technology conference ‘TechFluence’ on 30th March 2019 at Crowne Plaza, New Delhi.  This was the 6th edition of the conference and it was power packed with insightful discussions around Blockchain, Java, Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Hybrid cloud, Fintech, Cyber Security, and much more.

The event started with an exemplary keynote delivered by Mr. Jaspreet BindraTedX Speaker, and Founder - Digital Matters. An evangelist in the field of digital transformation, Jaspreet Bindra has led, mentored and even incubated numerous companies in their missions to master internet, blockchain and other emerging technologies. 

Speaking on ‘Digital Transformation: What the CEO is thinking’ he quoted, “Digital transformation & business transformation go hand in hand. Hence, the ultimate outcome of digital transformation exercise must lead to an impact on real metrics such as - revenue, profit, cost, customer engagement, retention or repeat buying—and therefore must impact business botom line.”

The entire conference was then divided in three different tracks running in parallel with 16 thought-igniting sessions on Web & Microservices, DevOps & Cloud, and Emerging Technologies. All the speakers were renowned personalities in their dedicated fields, from companies like,, IBM, Accenture, Amazon India Services, OpsTree Solutions, Knoldus Software LLP, Trusting Social, Enciphers, eJavaGuru, Info Edge India Ltd, Max Life Insurance, Symphony Talent, OfBusiness, EquonixTechlab, and TO THE NEW.

Amongst many compelling sessions, some of the most engaging were-

  • Power-aggregate your analytics platform using ElasticSearch’ by Vivek Kumar Sharma, Director, Technology Symphony Talent
  • Blockchain in Cyber Security, AI and IOT’by Samrat Kishor, Technology Consultant, Accenture
  • Security Automation in Cloud’ by Lalit Kumar, Security Solution Architect, Amazon India Services Pvt Ltd
  • Uncovering Project Amber’ by Mala Gupta, Founder, Java Champion,

Commenting on the same, Deepak Mittal, CEO, TO THE NEW, says, “The whole idea behind organizing this conference was to provide a platform, where tech enthusiasts can learn, interact and share knowledge. The conference garnered a lot of interest from the community and was attended by more than 250 tech enthusiasts. I am glad to say that Techfluence 2019 was a huge success with an imminent line of top industry speakers and entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on various technologies.”

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