“In CY 2019 We Will Focus On Reaching Every District Of India”

“In CY 2019 We Will Focus On Reaching Every District Of India”

Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns in today’s digital world where most of the work is happening online. Security breaches are creating trouble for everyone either we talk about any business or any individual. Deploying effective security solutions is the only way to prevent such breaches and keeping data safe and secure. This is a great opportunity for security solution providers to grow. Sumeet Kela, Technical Managing Director, Netprotector further talks on about security market in India.

DT: How has been the year 2018 so far for you? 

Mr. Sumeet: 2018 has been a great year for NPAV. With PC market growing over 2017 and increased channel confidence on NPAV, we could take best advantage of the situation and significantly grew over 2017 YTD. We also expect rest of 2018 to close on strong note. We have received tremendous response to our channel schemes due to which we could reach almost all major district levels in India.The year has helped us in further expanding our reach to more customers and attaining good market share. As India has a big ICT market and has a massive customer base, we aspire to offer best quality solutions to customers by innovating our ideology and showcase it through our solutions.

DT: Please brief about your channel ecosystem in India. How are you currently working with your partners to strengthen your market position? 

Mr. Sumeet: Traditionally NPAV has been extremely channel friendly company and Distributor / dealer channel plays a very important role in our growth story. We are extremely sensitive about channel hygiene and always make sure that every layer of channel ecosystem makes a healthy margin thereby NPAV business becomes win-win situation for them and us. We always bring policies that favour our channel partners as they are our face to customers. Also timely disbursement of channel schemes helped us gain strong channel confidence on NPAV. Our channel partners have best expertise of their field that help us in enhancing our performance. We educate the channel partners to perform better and provide them the knowledge of changing market landscape that increases their working efficiency.

DT: What is your overall roadmap to escalate your growth further in CY 2019?

Mr. Sumeet: We are currently present in every major state / city across India through our strong regional distributors / dealers network. In CY 2019 we will focus on reaching every district of India. Also we would like to focus on smallest of the dealers in channel pyramid and ensure the scheme benefits reaches there. This will ensure higher mindshare of channel for NPAV. We are expecting market to flourish more as the world is progressing rapidly with help of technology and we are seeing more and more organizations entering in the technology market. They all will need security solutions to safeguard their organization from security breaches. We focus towards this opportunity and plan to grab this growth opportunity. We have excellent portfolio of security solutions to complete the demand of customers so we are expecting 2019 to be a more profitable year for us.

DT: What are your suggestions to policy makers to counter any existing business challenges in ICT market? 

Mr. Sumeet: As we see there is lack of awareness among people about how to be safe while going online or what they can do to prevent security breach. We want government to make several policies that help common people, businesspersons and employees to develop their skills to safely do their online work and safeguard their confidential data from cyber-attacks. Policy makers can work with the industry experts so that experts can help government to better understand overall scenario and make policies accordingly.

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