Facilio Organizes The First Edition Of #Futureproof – The Next Wave In Connected Buildings

Facilio Organizes The First Edition Of #Futureproof – The Next Wave In Connected Buildings

Facilio offering the world’s first unified IoT and AI-driven facilities optimization software, hosted first-of-its-kind facilities management technology conference in Bangalore. Dubbed #FutureProof, the event witnessed coming together of progressive facility managers and commercial real-estate leaders who have managed complex buildings, sparked changes, and found new ways to unlock unprecedented efficiency.

Hot on the heels of this digital gold-rush, #FutureProof’s conference discussed the various aspects that would enhance the digital transformation in buildings and what it can bring to CREs and how it can be delivered. Through various insightful sessions by leaders from companies like RMZ Corp., Infosys, Wipro, Curefit, Brigade Group, Prestige Group and AMP Capital, the event captured the need for demystifying digital retrofitting thereby building smart and connected facilities. The sessions also recognized that technology has been a big disrupter in many sectors and how building managers can use technology to their aid.

With the introduction of automation being the last disruption in the real estate industry, 20 years ago, CRE owners and facilities managers looked forward to the massive potential of tech–enabled transformations. The built environment and facilities management industry is on the threshold of a massive digital transformation, that will change the way one looks at a building and its management.

“The journey of integrating technology in real estate is rapidly growing and the ecosystem has a crucial role to play. We wanted to get all the leading change-makers in the industry together to create open dialog that helped them share and discuss the challenges in digitisation of facilities today. It was great to see our attendees so keen and enthusiastic in exploring digital opportunities, finding ways to remove the friction associated with technology adoption, and wanting to realise operational efficiencies at scale,” said, Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Facilio

Prabhu added “Buildings today need the ability to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. We are witnessing a definitive shift towards IoT and AI led systems that empower built environments. Connected buildings are the new norm; they help make meaningful changes that optimize costs and productivity. Through #FutureProof we aim to bring to the fore this change that is taking over the real estate and facilities management industry.”

Prominent Speakers at #FutureProof Bangalore:

Punit Desai, Regional Head of Infrastructure said, “With technological revolution being all pervasive, it was only a matter of time before it extended to the real estate and facilities management industries. Our facilities across India are a prime example of how technology can be used to manage and create fully unified building operations. We are happy to showcase our efforts in this space at such a prestigious platform to demonstrate what is already possible.”

Srinivas Reddy, Head of RE & Workplace, Curefit included, “With the facilities industry at the tipping point of tech disruption, it was wonderful to share and explore insights on creating actionable digitisation strategies. As we continue to expand actively across India, I’m positive that technology will act both as an enabler as well as a differentiator in optimising our services.”

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