Bizydale Nets- A Solution for All

Bizydale Nets- A Solution for All

Starting a business maybe an evident thing, yet it comes across a daily set of problems, needing veritable solutions. Conducting business in this era of stiff competition, teamed up with rapid developments in the practices, has become similar to that of walking on a tightrope.

One can never determine the rise and fall of even the most successful organization and hence need to keep their choicest cards up, i.e. making an ally of the already emerging developments to grab hold of the momentum. In such fraught situations, Bizydale Nets comes of great aid. Bizydale Nets Networking Services PVT LTD  is a business value focused IT product and services company with a mission to simplify all complex business processes and become the one stop solution for business and the world through technology!

How was it started

It all started when Satyajeet Pradhan, the founder, was part of a startup which was into automotive consulting and a technology supplier.  There he understood that although businesses are spending enough on solutions, there’s a defunct when it comes to generating potential ROI. This is where the idea of forming Bizydale Nets – the solution builder with the punch line “We Build! You Win!” came into his mind.  He immediately discussed this with his wife Vrushali Pradhan (co-founder of Bizydale Nets), and then went on to bounce the idea to few of his trusted team members. The concept was received well and Bizydale Nets started it’s humble journey.

Apart from selling solutions to business, Bizydale Nets have its own solutions like “Autoconnekt “which is designed to solve the sales and operational challenges of automotive dealers and revolutionary “trip n howl “a disruptive travel solution which aims to bring all solutions to traveller’s challenges under one umbrella. Trip n howl is also the only Market Place of best agencies you need during travel. The organization comes with an aim to make life easy for customers and business profitable for owners.

Unique key feature/services

The company provides value through the following ways:

  1. Meeting and identify gaps, therefore providing consult to build actual solutions required by business to improve their profitability.
  2. They are the one stop solution and help business to have hassle free one solution partner to all their business requirements.
  3. They provide gap analysis and scope the technology solutions at no cost.
  4. They support startups by providing credit facility in case they have a unconventional idea however doesn’t have sufficient fund to build the product.
  5. For travel and leisure, trip n howl is the one stop travel solution and the only market place of best online agencies one need during travel.
  6. Trip n howl encourages one to achieve your travel dreams through its travel accomplishment feature.

How is it diff. from existing ones 

  1. They provide consulting and scope the product at no cost.
  2. They recommend and build only the actual required solutions for business
  3. The organization has a team of product specialists who consistently researches on challenges across all industry types.
  4. They help startups by giving a concrete shape to their ideas and provide them with facility to pay later or in EMI.
  5. Bizydale Nets Net’s own solution trip n howl is the only travel solution that brought all requirements of a traveller under one umbrella.
  6. Similarly, Autoconnekt, another revolutionary solution from Bizydale Nets is the first PIS(Performance Improvement System) app designed for automotive sales team to overcome their operational challenges and help them perform much better. 

Funding status

Bootstrapped till date as I believed my concept and thought to prove myself by investing my own money rather than some one else’s. If I would have failed then the loss would have been mine completely. With God’s grace many business leaders appreciated our work quality and we are generating enough to survive and run. We are open to investments though!

Monetization model 

We have different monetization model for our Product and Service side.

For Autoconnekt, we charge yearly license per dealer. On trip n howl we charge online agencies 15-20% commission for listing their business on the platform and generating business for them. Trip n howl also aims to generate revenue from ad monetization model.

Coming to service side, for Technology solutions Bizydale Nets charges stage wise based on the efforts involved along with the maintenance. For Business solutions, we work on a monthly retainer and yearly subscription depending on client’s financial viability.

Transaction details

We have generated more than 2M of business in 1 year of time with 2x growth in revenue.

Future plans 

The organization would focus to build a robust product line and service to act as complimentary. They have plans to implement AI on homespun products and reduce the human effort while using our apps.

Marketing plans

Bizydale Nets has the following marketing plan for their product trip n howl:

  1. Reaching out to MBA colleges and giving trip n howl case studies as an opportunity to students for their internship or projects
  2. BTL Marketing activities
  3. SEO on google and ASO on play store
  4. Campaign on Facebook and other social media like LinkedIn, twitter and instagram and reaching out travellers and travel groups in India.
  5. Whatsapp marketing
  6. Emailer

For Autoconnekt, they are following word of mouth and relationships as the founder belong to the same industry.

Bizydale Nets being PARENT would obviously go hand in hand with the promotion of the products.

Challenges faced

Being running a boot strapped startup is always filled with challenges. Selection of wrong team during initial stage, duped by a technology company and losing my hard earned money, Missing on right time plans due to lack of money on right time, no financial or moral backup, personal commitments were few of the many other challenges faced. The one belief that kept the organization going is “Champions are born survivors of challenges”.

Market size & opportunity

IT BPM industry has an estimated market size of over $130 Bn worldwide and Indian IT exports are projected to grow at 7-8 per cent in 2017-18 creating more than lakh new jobs. The organization aims to approach the premium companies across verticals domestic and international, identify their challenges and partnering for the solutions actually required to maintain profitability. 

If one considers Autoconnekt alone’s scope and opportunity, as per Statista, the global market size of SAAS is expected to be $132.57 Bn by 2020. Worldwide, CRM buyers are within 40% of total market hence generating good opportunity for Autoconnekt to establish itself in the above segment.

Similarly travel industry in India is about to have 2x expenditures in next 10 years with an estimation of $356 Bn and would contribute $147.9 Bn to Indian tourism industry, thus creating ample opportunity the  travel solution trip n howl to establish a good proportionate of share in the domestic market.

Hence the current Product and Service side of Bizydale Nets have good market size and decent opportunity on their respective segments.

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